15 Free SEO Tools To Drive Traffic, Clicks, And Sales

free Seo tools

15 Free SEO Tools To Drive Traffic, Clicks, And Sales

Using free SEO tools is essential for your website. Why? Because they bring in plenty of free benefits such as excellent volume of traffic, clicks, reaching new audiences, globally your website can be clicked, fetching good results and much more.  However, you should really know how these free SEO tools work. Here, the services of a SEO service company can perfectly fit your need to be able to achieve your business goals and this works in an excellent manner. 

Top SEO companies in Dallas, Texas, have professional experience of over a decade and helped many startups, SMEs and businesses to draw the benefits of SEO and also in developing various innovative SEO strategies that can market your business systematically.

Let’s find out more about the free SEO tools.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an absolutely important tool for your business. Your website needs to be registered and your website URL needs to be authenticated by Search Console in order to be added. Directly linked to search engine, search console give you daily insights of clicks, keywords, traffic on content etcSome of the top performing content is also provided in the insights. 

SEO experts always recommend to list your website in Search Console followed by Google Analytics. The insights that you draw from here are helpful in going forward with a content marketing strategy.

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Bing Webmaster Tools

SEO Digital Marketing Agency uses Bing Webmaster tools. Why? Bing also plays a bigger role in directing traffic to your site alongside Google. Bing search engine has its own set of tools to optimize your content. While most of the SEO work done by SEO marketing agencies will be relevant for Google and Bing, the search engine giants have their in-demand areas of search relevance.

Some of the big benefits of Bing are:

  • Identifies areas to improve your site
  • Analyzes SEO on your site and recommends best practices
  • See how users find your site
  • Gives a view of your competitors backlink profiles to identify gaps in your website

Google Analytics

Among all of the free SEO tools, Google analytics is not only strong in its built and analytical results, but it helps you with every detail and performance of your website that goes on from clicks to traffic and from highly performing content with CTA and landing pages.

Yoast SEO

If you have worked on a WordPress website, you are  quite familiar with Yoast SEO. 

This is one of the easiest and most important plugins that works very effectively in selecting keywords for your website.

Keywords, readability status and categories of keywords etc., are some of the easy features to access from the Yoast SEO.

Answer the Public

 Plan to find keywords fast and quick? Use Answer the Public. This is one of the most easily used plugins with plenty of scope to find the best keywords. The range of keywords is not only vast, but very analytical.

SEMrush sensor

SEMrush sensor allows you to track the daily changes in ranking and monitor the signs of volatility.  As Google updates its ranking algorithm, the result pages are also subject to change. 

ScreamingFrog SEO Spider

Best Dallas SEO companies never miss adding ScreamingFrog Spider. This is one of the best free SEO tools, to fix technical problems. Not only does it crawl your site, but it generates a report of potential issues. 

SEO Workers SEO Analysis Tool

Dallas SEO services uses SEOWorkers Analysis Tool to plugin the URL of their website and that of competitors. The tool will generate a report about your website quickly, saving a lot of your time. 


SEO Digital Marketing Agency relies on keyword.io for some of the top trending keywords. As all of the SEO work is exclusive to the success of selection of top keywords for your business, using this keyword becomes very essential. 


Top SEO  companies in Dallas never miss using SEOptimer.  SEOptimer is a free SEO audit tool that performs an in-depth SEO analysis across 100 website data points and also provides clear and actionable recommendations.

It also helps in improving your online presence and to rank better in search engine results. 


This is a wonderful keyword research tool and the best part is, it is easy to use. 


Built with a lot of features, SEO service company relies on the results of Ubersuggest SEO tool. It has a lot of features. You can access this free tool just by typing a keyword that you want to rank or your competitor’s website.

SEO Digital Marketing Agency has an excellent scope for accessing the best benefits from Ubersuggest by drawing an analysis of keywords.

Seed Keywords

For SEO work, a high amount of priority is assigned to keywords. What is it that consumers want? What are they typing in the search engine bar? These are some of the interesting questions for search engines.

If you look for new keyword ideas, you have to work with the Seed Keywords tool that helps you find new keyword terms.

Exploding Topics

This is quite an interesting free SEO tool that works based on the latest trends online.

That is, it lists the emerging keywords and categories. You can conveniently work to create content around these trends. Further, you can also select keywords that are specific to your business.

This way, you can optimize old content with a new keyword.

Can I Rank 

You wish that your business stands first and top of the search results. You want your website to be high in performance so that more audiences can find your business and reach you.

Here, can I rank helps with the selection of keywords.  Can I Rank is a super performing keyword difficulty tool.

With specific advice, this tool gives you the competition among keywords and recommends some of the suitable keywords that ideally suit your website.


The above discussed 15 free SEO tools are of good help and they are a good source of content marketing and SEO keyword help. However, understanding the working of each tool can help you in taking SEO works to the next level in an efficient manner.

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