15 Free Tools For SMEs And Startups To Help In Digital Marketing

Free digital marketing tools

15 Free Tools For SMEs And Startups To Help In Digital Marketing

When you want your small business get going online successfully generating income and sales, you’ve got to keep your digital marketing strategy planning tool working and also take plenty of time in selecting free tools in digital marketing that can keep you ahead.

What are those free tools in digital marketing?

Google Analytics

Google analytics records the entire health of your website and gives you a clear and indepth insight report. Certainly your business needs this great digital marketing tool that can help you track audience, performance of your website, traffic, clicks, lead generation and all that happens moment by moment.

WordPress SEO Yoast

This popular free tools in digital marketing is a great way to work with as it directly helps in setting up your SEO keywords.

Digital marketing strategy planning tool

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is also a very popular keyword tool in use by many SEO digital marketing agency.

This tool shows many new SEO keywords that can be effectively used in your content.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Using screaming frog SEO spider as digital marketing strategy planning tool, gives you good and positive impact in your SEO work. 

With the use of screaming frog SEO spider, you can find out crawling results for your website, links, images, CSS, script and apps.

Further it also fixes crawling issues, broken links etc.

This free version can bring a lot of benefits to the performance of your website and SEO suggestions. 


SEO digital marketing agency most often works with popular SEO keyword tools. Do you use Ubersuggest? To perform keyword research, to find the useful data around keywords, this is a great keyword tool.  

Apart from volume, cost per click etc., Ubersuggest shows you all and its so much easier for you to pick relevant keywords, competition along with the search volume of keywords you are searching to rank for.


Photographs, Infographics, posters, videos, Facebook posts, presentations or any other, you need Canva. 

This is free to use with a premium feature as well.

With readymade templates, you can make attractive presentations for your business and publish.

Results are guaranteed.

If you are a content marketer, this is among must have tools for digital marketing.

Hemingway app

Do you check your content for grammar errors? Hemingway app is a free online editor that allows you to paste your article. The editor shows you grammatical errors and makes suggestions to make improvements.

This is one of the digital marketing tools you definitely need.

Google Docs

Working with a SEO digital marketing agency makes it much easier if you are using Google docs. This is one of the best digital marketing tools that you can keep a track of all your documents, sheets, calendar of works and much more.

Google Drive gives you a free storage space of 15 GB and with this you can store plenty of documents here. 

As you use it regularly, you transfer the files to an external drive and free the space in docs. 

Headline analyzer

They say blog titles bring nearly 80% of success to your content.  Do you check your blog title?

With the help of headline analyzer you can get the score that has audience understanding. The higher you score, the better is your headline.

Never forget to use a headline analyzer that flows the results to your analytics.

Google alerts

You are familiar with Google alerts. Right? This is one of the top free digital marketing tools that your business must have. This tool collects the new flow of content, videos and other digital marketing related activities happening with your keyword. Create a google alert with a unique keyword and watch the magic happening.


Do you wish to create an alert service? Use the free Talkwalker alerts service. This is one of the must have tools for digital marketing. As a social listening service tool, Talkwalker lets you know about the mentions of your brand, hashtags, competitors and every piece of content about your brand going on social media. 


Feedly has been popular for quite some time.  This is one of the 

necessary marketing tool for SMEs and startups. There are many categories available in Feedly and you can actually view the content as popular and the voice of the crowd that is making the posts popular. 

Latest news, business content and any other fashion trends, Feedly updates you with most popular content.


Zest.is is one of the free digital marketing tools that can come as a Google Chrome extension. It collects content suggested from users and this is very important in digital marketing. Many reputed marketers trust Zest.is and prefer to post their content here so that others can access it and take the benefit. If you really want your content to be found and highly visible, it is quite ideal to use zest.is and reap the benefits.

Hootsuite and Buffer

Another necessary marketing tool for SMEs and startups is Hootsuite and Buffer. You can nearly get all of the posting updates to social networks and you can also review what the online conversations are and this is much easier to do on a daily basis. 

Hootsuite and Buffer are the most popular free digital marketing tools for posting and reviewing social media updates and this is most easy to do.

Hootsuite is also a great tool to keep you ahead of your competitors and influencers as well. 

Use Twitter lists to stream each of your competitors and instead of following, you can know the latest conversations that are on going in your line of business.

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Followerwonk helps you to follow influencers for your brand on Twitter. You can build relations based on location, business niche, and profile and expand connections.  There’s so much that goes on Twitter with the activities of influencers, it tells you more about your competitors, gains, new updates and all that is happening in your line of business.  This is definitely one of the must have tools for digital marketing.