7 Top WordPress Plugins To Get Great Subscriptions For Newsletters

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7 Top WordPress Plugins To Get Great Subscriptions For Newsletters

Do you love newsletters coming from your favorite sources and sometimes these may be health-related, shopping inventory (latest clothing, cosmetics, real-estate, electronics, jewelry etc.,). Sure, it excites you to open that newsletter and see what’s in it. If there’s something interesting, you wish to quickly spend a little longer there and check if there’s anything useful for you. Therefore, newsletter is one of the best ways to keep connected and WordPress design services allows you to create email newsletters with the help of plugins. It has been one of the best ways to grow your business such as by inspiring website visitors to subscribe, visit blogs, websites and stay engaged.

In fact this has been one of the proven ways to promote your business. But making it in a much more simplified manner, there are many WordPress plugins that allow you to maintain, grow and build email lists.

Let’s find out.

These are some of the interesting facts for you to know about the newsletter opening ratio globally:

  • Germany has the highest opening rate of 40.67% 
  • Singapore has the lowest opening rate of 11.89%

Newsletter opening rates by industry:

  • Agriculture : 48%
  • Arts & Entertainment : 47%
  • Automobile : 35%
  • Beauty & finance : 40%
  • Biotechnology : 37%
  • Business : 41%
  • Computer software : 28%
  • Computers & electronics : 35%
  • Construction : 45%
  • Finance : 40%
  • Healthcare : 33%
  • Hospitality : 40%
  • Human Resources : 44%
  • Insurance : 38%
  • Legal & Government : 44%
  • Marketing & advertising : 25%
  • Real Estate : 42%
  • Travel : 28%

#1. Mailchimp

As you know, this is the most popular email newsletter plugin that works in a best compatible manner with WordPress website design services. The template, design, font, text, images, embedding videos  and the length of newsletter are extremely well-designed and the process to create an account with mail chimp is also very simple enabling a free account. 

Giving access to bloggers and small businesses, WordPress developer services are at ease to work with Mailchimp. Small businesses find it as the most convenient source as mailchimp allows to send email newsletters upto 2000 subscribers with a limit upto 12000 email newsletters. It gives a dedicated CRM tool.

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#2. Mailster

Custom wordpress development service allows Mailster to use it for sending multiple email newsletters by creating groups in the WordPress dashboard.  Mailster is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage all your email newsletters with a facility of autoresponder and email automation from the panel.

Custom wordpress web development services offer some of the top benefits of using Mailster and these are drag-and-drop email editor, preset templates, in-built analytics dashboard, auto response facility, digital downloads, connection to SMTP server and other services like SendGrid and Mailgun.

#3. Newsletter

WordPress website design services offer another good wordpress plugin Newsletter that builds responsive newsletters through drag and drop editor. With unlimited subscribers or newsletters,  it also offers multi-language support, widgets and support for field form transactions. 

Not only you can transfer all the messages from the dashboard, but you can also select target audiences and prepare subscriber lists depending on your business needs. Another top benefit Newsletter brings is that it allows a secured layer to your website by checking on spam subscriptions.

#4. Mailpoet

Mailpoet is another profitable WordPress plugin having a specific interface. It allows you to send email newsletters, get signups directly from the interface synced with WordPress. MailPoet also allows you to access images from the files you’ve already uploaded on WordPress.

#5. Mailjet

Businesses find Mailjet as a useful WordPress plugin to create beautiful newsletters. There are many features arranged in Mailjet and it is quite easy to work with Mailjet wordpress plugin. 

#6. Jackmail

To run email campaigns successfully without spamming, choose Jackmail email newsletter wordpress plugin. It provides a professional platform to send emails and it also comes with SMTP server to improve your email campaign. There are nearly 50 plus templates and you can choose to pick a free plan to send 3000 emails per month. There are also low cost paid plans offering some advanced features.

#7. Icegram

Growing the list of email subscribers, increasing conversions, and engaging visitors, you will find Icegram wordpress plugin as the best for designing newsletters. This specially designed plugin allows you to achieve better subscription numbers and higher lead conversions.  Adding CTA buttons is another benefit you will find in Icegram.


Accessing these WordPress plugins not only enables you to easily send out your newsletters, but it also builds your business, subscribers, opening rate and conversions. Running email campaigns is not only a cost saving marketing program, but it is the most popular and easily adaptable to achieve best results in the long-term.