Best Powerful Website Feedback Tools for Web Development Company

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Best Powerful Website Feedback Tools for Web Development Company

Best web development company works on a huge range of web development tasks and digital marketing tasks as well. This being an important part of operating a business online, it takes a lot of planning, effort, strategic planning, implementation, testing and reviewing the results. It doesn’t end there.

One has to improvise on the performance and start the process all over again. Therefore, the website being the essence of every business, it takes a lot of important measures to streamline the process of working through your website.

How does it work?

You agree that this website is for your target audience. Right?

Where are they? How are they responding to your website and what type of feedback are you receiving?

There’s a lot of prominence attached to the review and feedback of your website.

How would you receive feedback on your website?

The best powerful website feedback tools for web design

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Best powerful website feedback tools

Did you know there are the most powerful website feedback tools?

Creating a great page that your audience loves to click and use is a great way of website design and further drawing benefits from it.

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But if you have to check and review the website feedback, what are the tools available and how web development teams work to obtain feedback.


What is Bugherd and how does it work?

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Bugherd is one of the simplest one-stop bug tracking websites used as a website feedback tool, it collects visual feedback, complete metadata, screenshots and annotation.

It provides website page feedback enabling the web development team to take action and the teams manage to act based on the feedback received.

Isn’t it a simple process? Sure, it is bringing big benefits.

Where would you embed Bugherd in your workflow?

You can integrate it in:

  • WordPress, 
  • GitHub, 
  • Slack, 
  • Zapier, 
  • and Integromat. 

This tool offers a direct in-page feedback option, that allows customers to report bugs straight from the website and it makes it easy to manage, assign and prioritise tasks quickly.


Web application development services use Mopinion as a website feedback tool for web development. This tool takes in-depth analysis opportunities to the users. This all-in-one user feedback tool collects feedback from websites, mobile apps, and email campaigns in real-time.

With Mopinion’s easy interface, you can build, design and configure feedback forms as you prefer.

For the purpose of feedback, you can customise dashboards and charts for advanced analysis. Digital teams can work on the feedback in a timely manner with the help of smart alerts.

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Mopinion is a very successful website feedback tool for web development offering in-depth analysis opportunities for its users. This real-time data visualisation in customised dashboards and charts, you can quickly and efficiently work on large sums of feedback data on all their digital channels.


Birdeye is a single-all-in-one experience marketing platform that enables multi-location businesses with the available data and the tools to deliver great experiences at every step of the customer journey.

This tool takes care of new leads with listings, reviews and referrals. It converts them into customers with webchat and appointments. Additionally, it delights customers with surveys, ticketing and insights.

Birdeye is trusted by Fortune 1000 businesses led by Google, Amazon, Salesforce and Yahoo. It includes a wide range of products including

  • Reviews
  • Listings
  • Pages
  • Messaging
  • Webchat
  • Mass Texting
  • Surveys


WebEngage is also one of the most successful website feedback tools. Used in web development, it gets rid of data silos by combining customer data from various sources and creating feedback.

It is important to note that  thousands of product and marketing professionals work on most intuitive user lifecycle journeys on the WebEngage dashboard to convert existing users through data-driven timely campaigns across multiple channels. 

  • Customer Segmentation
  • App Personalization
  • Campaign Orchestration
  • Web Personalization
  • Product and Revenue Analytics
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Marketing and Retargeting


InMoment is another feedback widget that can help your website as a feedback tool for web development. It is a cloud-based customer experience optimization platform. 

InMoment helps to improve the experience of customer, employee and the business needs collectively.

It also offers many solutions including Social Reviews and Advocacy and Employee Engagement solutions as well as a Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform. 

InMoment offers you platform integrations to meet your current business and get user feedback such as 

  • Adobe,
  • Microsoft Dynamics,
  • Hubspot,
  • Facebook and Google,
  • TripAdvisor
  • Oracle,
  • Salesforce, and much more.

The benefits of feedback tools

Using website feedback tools for web development helps in many ways. Some of the highlights of these benefits are:

Product and service improvements: 

Using customer feedback to improve your products and services, you will be able to identify all of the lacking areas, customer complaints, and concerns. Further you can make improvements on your new products and services that you already have. 

Information to share with other customers

If you make customer feedback public, you can share the information to other customers. New customers  can read about your brand and know what other people think of your products and services before making a buying decision.

The sentiment of customers and business forecasts:

Measuring customer sentiment helps you to arrive at accurate forecasts. 

Top level strategy and planning

Customer feedback being the most important asset to acquire information, you must have top level strategy and planning.  This will grow your business. 

Conclusion :

These best powerful website feedback tools for web development company. With the help of these tools, you can add a lot of contributions to your website, your team, your employees, your current and potential customers and entirely to your business.