Difference between Best Digital Marketing Services vs Social Media Marketing

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Difference between Best Digital Marketing Services vs Social Media Marketing

Marketing has always been an integral part of the business world. In fact, every business has to do some form of marketing to succeed. Before the …. advent of digital technology, non-digital marketing was the de facto form of marketing. However, with the popularity of personal computers and the development of the Web 1.0 platform, a new era dawned in the 1990s. It was at this time that the term “Digital Marketing Services Company” was first used.

The development of the first social media “Six Degrees”, brought social media marketing into the game. With the introduction of Facebook in 2004 and Twitter in 2006, social media marketing climbed a higher pedestal. Some of the most searched terms today are “best digital marketing company”, “SEO digital marketing agency” and so on. This shows the impact of digital marketing on businesses and the world at large.

Comparison Between Digital Marketing Services and Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is simply a form of marketing that involves creating awareness and promoting a product or service to an audience through digital means or channels. With digital marketing, it may be possible to target an audience based on specific interests, needs, attributes, and characteristics and market your products and services to them. This requires some skills but you can hire a digital marketing company in USA to do that for you.

Any marketing carried out through “digital channels” can be considered as digital marketing. This makes digital marketing a wide and encompassing field that includes search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation, content marketing, email marketing, onboarding, search ads, video marketing, affiliate marketing and also social media marketing.

Digital marketing is not limited to online marketing. Offline marketing through radio, television, digital billboards, SMS, and so on can also be considered as digital marketing. While each component of digital marketing is important, SEO and social media marketing are two of the most in-demand digital marketing services. In fact, almost every digital marketing services company is based on these two services.

SEO involves a lot of technicalities. Basically, it is a way to optimize your content (blogs, vlog, videos, infographics, etc) on the search engine. With Google as the most used search engine, it sets the standards and the course for SEO today. As a matter of fact, SEO often involves a race to hit the first page or the number one rank of the Google search engine result page (SERP).

Social media marketing is not far behind. Facebook recorded a whopping 1.59 billion daily active users (DAC) in June 2019 and Twitter recorded 364 million monthly active users. This large population of people that aggregate in social media every day makes it an attractive channel for business transactions.

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Are There Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Although social media marketing is basically a type of digital marketing, some differences might be observed if it is compared with the rest of the digital marketing services.

For instance, while digital marketing involves the use of all online and non-online channels to market a product, social media marketing involves the use of forums, social media sites, blogs, etc. Also, social media marketing is limited when compared to digital marketing as a whole. It relies only on content and engagement with social media users.

Most businesses spend millions of dollars every month to market on social media platforms. It is an efficient means of marketing because you can readily find the customers you are looking for. Furthermore, you can also market your products on social media without spending a dime. To do this, you have to build large followership and community. This can be done through engagement and participation in social media groups and forums.

To achieve desirable results in digital marketing, it is advisable to hire a digital marketing services company near you. You can start by searching for the Best digital marketing company in your location and take advantage of the services they offer.

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