5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Site More Accessible

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5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Site More Accessible

If a WordPress development company asks you – How would you want your website to look like? Your best answer would be – The Best and useful to my business audience. Because, your website is the ultimate and final online source to get your business stay active, marketable and saleable. Meaning, you wish to sell your products, invite traffic, expand scope for customer acquisition and enable easy customer journey and buying cycle. Such benefits are bountiful in WordPress design services.

WordPress was launched in 2003 and ever since its success, as on date it powers 34% of the Internet and it holds 59.3% of the Content Management System (CMS) share. This powerful platform is capable of building any kind of website and it works amazingly. 

Some of the big success is already achieved by WordPress-built Techcrunch, BBC America, Venture Beat, Quartz, Facebook Newsroom and many others.

 The top advantage of themes and plugins is the main attraction as many users feel about it, there are 30,000 popular websites which have used WordPress themes like – Divi, Genesis Framework, and Avada are used. Out of the entire Internet, over 20 Billion websites used WordPress.

However, there are few aspects to understand about WordPress website design services. The job and responsibility of a WordPress web development company does not end with WordPress design services.

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To make it more effective and feasible, there is a requirement to advertise, promote, market and share about your WordPress website online and there are multiple ways of doing it. Either you can opt for the services of Custom wordpress development company or hire a team or make it inhouse through inbound marketing. 

Let’s find out those five ways of making WordPress site more accessible:

  1. Digital-friendly

Making your WordPress website completely digital friendly is your top most priority. Because, as of 2019, 4.13 billion Internet users are active online and this is expected to grow. In CMS-built websites 60% are WordPress. This is not only an ideal platform for blogging, but it is quite worth notifying that 28% of all e-commerce goes through WooCommerce.

2.One-click accessibility Plugin

One-click accessibility plugin is one of the useful tools for quickly adding some accessibility features that WordPress design services at Equinox It Sol can accommodate on your WordPress site. As you begin to use this feature, WordPress web development company can help you with many of its benefits with its access.

With just one click you can – use the feature of ‘skip to content’, add an outline focus for essential elements, remove target attributes etc., 

3.Social Networking

Connect social media icons on your website and inspire the audience to share content, engage, interact and comment. Did you know how many Internet users are active on social media?  There are 3.5 billion users on social media who actively use various social media channels and among all,   Facebook is the most popular platform. Small businesses rely and trust Facebook advertising as it comes with a small budget and easily accommodates small business ads with excellent image features that encourages Facebook users to take a view of these ads and buy their favorite products. This is an excellent feature for small business owners to work with their wordpress site and share it on Facebook for audience to browse their products.

4.Search Engine Optimization

Did you know WordPress is a completely search-engine-friendly CMS platform? The Yoast plugin and other features of SEO analysis and SEO compatibility enable you to make necessary corrections in arranging accurate SEO keywords through the content and keep your wordpress website perfectly SEO optimized.

5. Responsive & Mobile Friendly

A WordPress development company can add the feature of responsive design to make your wordpress website more accessible and this specific feature allows the website to get reformatted as per the mobile device it is being viewed on such as smartphones, tablets etc.,  This also enables clarity and fits perfectly to the screen it is being viewed on. This adds the functionality of better user experience and it will enable the options to determine which options work best.

Conclusion :

These five ways of adding WordPress features to your website can definitely make your business more active and customer-driven helping them with browsing and buying decisions.  In fact this is most recommended by WordPress development company India for the purposes of WordPress design services.