How To Audit Your Website’s SEO And Grow Your Traffic Quickly?

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How To Audit Your Website’s SEO And Grow Your Traffic Quickly?

One of the best lasting services that a Best digital marketing services agency offers is website maintenance. From the point of web design to the traffic, lead generation, sales and conversions, SEO digital marketing service takes care of all the services.  

While it stands to the highest profitability of your company when you opt for Best digital agency in USA for various business and marketing goals, you have access to a greater skill and talent coupled with experience to check for top results in content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing and much more.

Coming as a cyclic process, Digital marketing services are carried out with a consistent approach and these are very profitable to the growth of your business.

Apart from proving to be a cost effective marketing service, you can build excellent CRM, and support with USA digital marketing company.

However, one of the things that you should be considered during the process of considering Digital marketing services is to choose to the task of website audit.

What is a website audit?

You know about your business website. It has various elements of – images, graphics, videos, podcasts, content, blog posts and much more.

After a certain period of time, the evaluation of your website, help you understand:

  • The overall performance
  • The loopholes and gaps in generating traffic
  • Gaps in sales and conversion rates
  • What exactly are your visitors looking for?
  • What are the technical issues existing on your website

Not only locating the errors and issues, but it is also important to fix them.

Who is entitled to perform a website audit?

Best digital marketing services agency has a professional team who are qualified with technical experience and are capable of conducting website audits. 

Sometimes it is outsourced to get additional professional help.

What does the team do?

Website performance is the most essential and important aspect of a successful website.  For example, do you wish to stay on a website where it is taking more time to load?

No, you would look for better alternatives where a website loads speedily. Many companies lose their business in greater volumes when their website takes time to load.

Did you know?

  • 40% of the audience leave a website that does not load in 3 seconds.
  • 44% of online shopper share their bad shopping experience
  • 79% of web users visit online retailers who deliver high and user-friendly experiences.

How website audits help you?

What seo services to offer? Particularly when this is about audit. Some of the top benefits of SEO audit are:

  • Inspect your website technical framework and infrastructure
  • Assess and inspect your search engine optimization
  • Check users are able to navigate through your website

Website audit also improves your search engine optimization. Best digital marketing services agency checks on improved user experience and usability of your site.

If there are any SEO issues or missing SEO opportunities, audit helps in making improvements to your site. 

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USA digital marketing company also makes a clear examination on 

  • Missing keywords or wrong keywords
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Creating wrong type of content
  • Meta descriptions and title tags if any have missed
  • Plagiarized content

When you find out about all these reports, you would understand why your site is not ranking well and a website audit can fix all of those issues including SEO efforts.

Some of the other benefits of website are:

  • Boost conversion rate
  • Check the health of the site – This emerges some of the top results in
  • Page speed
  • Internal linking
  • External linking
  • Meta descriptions
  • Broken links
  • Page load times
  • Site structure
  • Site security audit 

Google analytics is a great tool in performing a comprehensive audit of your site.

Increase Traffic to your Website

Best digital marketing company takes a keen interest in building traffic with Google search console, Google analytics and with the results drawn from SEO audit. This process identifies some of the existing issues like – 

  • Understand progress as compared to competitors
  • Fix SEO strategy
  • Inform teams about opportunities about the areas of growth
  • Rank list of keywords
  • Specific types of conversions – white papers, contact form, subscriptions, watching a video, download content, adding a cart, making a purchase etc.


USA digital marketing company performs website audits and performs an in depth study about opportunities to grow traffic and some of these technicalities help your business to grow profitably by taking up more improvements. 

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