How To Fix 500 Internal Server Errors On WordPress Websites

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How To Fix 500 Internal Server Errors On WordPress Websites

WordPress has come a long way as a publishing platform and with an occupancy of 75 million active websites, wordpress design service have a growing demand in the current marketplace of business. With several advantages of WordPress that include user-friendly, easy to use plugins, and excellent content management system.

While there are many successful small business websites built with wordpress website design services, there are also troubleshoot systems such as by fixing error code.

We’ll discuss how to fix this error

Fixing 500 Internal Server Error on WordPress website development services is not something that related wordpress sites face. Let us note that any website can run into a problem with a web server. This is a general issue and you may not be knowing what the problem is and how to fix it. If you ever come across this server error, do not be afraid and we will discuss in detail in understanding this error and how we can address it and prevent further issues appearing on your site.

A wordPress development company explains 500 Internal Server Error as a fairly general HTTP status code and it indicates as something that is unforeseen or unexpected has occurred on your website server and when you this error message, do not be afraid, and know that it is not the problem with your pc, but it is with your website’s servers.

There are few phrases that clearly specify that you are encountering 500 internal server error and these are – 500 Internal Server Error, Internal Server Error, Error 500, HTTP Error 500, HTTP Error 500, Internal Server Error, Temporary Error (500) and you may also come across funny images and messages.

This problem of 500 Internal Server Error means the problem is with the site’s servers and not with your PC or Internet connection. There are many causes for these to appear and some of these include as:

  • A corrupt ‘.htaccess file’
  • Exceeding your PHP memory limit
  • Having improper file permissions
  • Corrupt WordPress core files
  • Plugin or theme malfunction

At times, WordPress website design services may also come across error code 500 when accessing admin areas, but all of the website will continue to operate well.

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WordPress development services can fix 500 Internal server errors, but it requires time and patience.  There are few steps involved that must be carried out carefully.

A). Create a backup :

Will you be able to create a backup? The backup of your site will make changes to its root directory. Custom wordpress design service or web hosting provider offer website backup or you can create a backup of your own. There are also backup plugins available such as BackUpWordPress, VaultPress and BackupBuddy.

B).Do you know how to use FTP Client?

WordPress website development services also provide methods to how to use FTP Client and you can also use File Manager, an FTP client is faster, customizable, robust and easy to use. A FTP client is a tool that gives you to access and edit your website’s server files. 

C). Among available troubleshooting options

first, using the FTP client, open your website’s root directory called public_html. Look for wp-admin and wp-content and select Show Hidden Files option to view hidden files. Find the file titled  .htaccess file and rename the file as .htaccess.bak. It deletes the old file. To create a new file – go to settings >> Permalinks. Bring the cursor down and click the save changes button. Don’t make any changes. Finally you are done.

D). This will resolve the 500 internal server errors.

Conclusion :

If this process does not resolve your WordPress HTTP error, you can also try increasing your PHP memory limit.  WordPress website design services have expertise in fixing 500 Internal server errors. Their expert WordPress design services are not only valuable for businesses to launch their websites, but also these are also essential to be able to sell goods online with e-commerce features.

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