Top ECommerce Web Design Trends To Follow In 2021

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Top ECommerce Web Design Trends To Follow In 2021

Ecommerce Development company trends have been rising in demand even in the pandemic period.  Did you come across your friend or your business partner launching an ecommerce website in this pandemic period? 

There is a good growth in B2B and B2C ecommerce web design trends, as technology is proving to be the best medium of source to enable the business to operate on cloud.

In fact this has worked efficiently for many small business owners who are operating their businesses from their homes.

Ecommerce Development company not only offers excellent prospects through the medium of ecommerce website designs, but they also help you with the selection of various CMS technologies. There are many popular Content Management System technologies and some of these are – WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, Blogger, Ghost, Textpattern, Shopify,  BigCommerce, Prestashop etc.,

Magento ecommerce development has become a popular platform and some of the reputed international websites built on Magento are – Nike, Nestle Nespresso,  Cox & Cox, Graze, Helly Hansen, Ford, Paul Smith, The Irish Store and many others.

So now you know the advantages of ecommerce website development and the vast availability of Content Management System technologies. 

As consumers get on with online shopping and evince a lot of interest in buying their needs online, there’s rapid increase in the ecommerce trends which are entirely based on technology.

 So, what are the trends that enable both your business and consumers to derive the benefit of ecommerce web design.

#1. Voice Assistant

Users find voice assistants much more useful and nearly 65% of the audience prefer to use the feature to buy products or find information on the Internet. Therefore, voice assistants are among top trends. 

#2. Progressive web apps

As audience begin to shop online, ecommerce development company has greater scope to help small businesses with ecommerce websites. From mobiles to luxury products, buyers prefer to browse through the products and get real-time buying experience.  

With the growing interest of audience for their online shopping experiences, Ecommerce Development company and small business owners are heavily working on website designs to ensure that best ecommerce platforms are chosen and the websites are configured with the best appeal, safety and security.

Further, the website navigation and components of websites are also facilitated and featured in the best interest of the audience.

Best ideas and innovative website strategies are worked in-depth while applying UX and CX which are the most important elements for building a website.

As we have already discussed about Magento ecommerce development, small businesses choose various Content Management System platforms based on the category of their business, products and ecommerce shopping experiences that they would like to offer to their target audience.

#3. Artificial Intelligence

You have heard a lot about artificial intelligence. This is an essential element to help customers with their price management and in selecting their product. 

Professional Ecommerce Development Services help in understanding the behavior pattern of customers thereby constructing ecommerce shopping websites much easily and strongly. Thus, the workloads are reduced and provide instant shopping experience. 

#4. Mobile shopping

Smartphone users increasingly access mobile networks on a daily basis to perform mobile shopping and this has many advantages both for the users and businesses. 

One of the best advantages with Ecommerce website development is mobile shopping helping the audience to buy products from the website and this works on a global level. A customer can buy the product from anywhere in the country and this further makes their business fully digital. B2B and B2C website design are fully versatile with mobile shopping.

Ecommerce development services create a convenience to customers to have easy access to the products they need online. While ensuring the product images, contacts, forms, buying links and other content is appropriately featured in better size and margins and also a good advantage.

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Further easy navigation to read and tap on the menu items, product real videos, texts, images and sometimes customer reviews are also a great advantage to customers to add products to their cart.

Paying digitally has also created a great convenience in mobile shopping.

Adding new daily updates about the new products brings an advantage to the customers that they are able to check and make buying decisions.


Professional Ecommerce Development Services deliver quality web design while ensuring safety and security to your website. Particularly while shopping online, offering complete protection to consumers about their privacy and data protection is a priority.