Top Seven Key Benefits And Proven Advantages Of AngularJS Outsourcing Benefits For Your Business

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Top Seven Key Benefits And Proven Advantages of AngularJS Outsourcing Benefits for your business

While there are many advantages with Angular JS outsourcing – its popularity for outsourcing to web development company has been due to :

– Saves a lot of time

– Convenience to work with flexibility

– Third-party companies are more experienced

– Improved compliance

– Improves the quality of the product

– Gain access to new technologies

– Reduce risks

– Outpace competitors

– Gives a fresh look to your product

– Meet deadlines of deliveries

– Acquire talented team of professionals

– Focus on other tasks

– Build better strategy

– Take business to new level

Developed by Google, Angular JavaScript based open-source front-end web framework is mainly addressed to manage the challenges in developing single-page applications.

Used as thr frontend of the MEAN stack, consists MongoDB database, Express.js web application server framework,  Angular.js, and Node.js server runtime environment.

Recently, Stable release 1.8.0 was released and version 1.7.x is on Long Term Support until July 21st 2021. After that, AngularJS will not be updated and Angular (2.0+) will be suggested.

As its benefits are widely known to Web development company, AngularJS extends a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It allows to use HTML as a template language and also e tends HTML syntax to express application’s components clearly. It eliminates much of the code writing. Most of all, it all happens within the browser, making it as the most suitable partner to go with any server technology.

Mostly used by Web application development company,  AngularJS has grown in its popularity as the best flexible language and it comes with a package coming with a lot of tools. This is a next generation framework where each tool is designed to work with the other tool in an interconnected manner.

Let’s take a close view of benefits brought from AngularJS in the areas of web application development services.

1. MVC Components (Model view controller)

A new software design pattern most commonly in use as MVC used  for developing user interface that segregates the related logic program into three interconnected elements. This is done in order to separate internal representation of elements from the ways it is presented,managed and accepted.

2. Best User Interface

As used by Best web development company websites, AngularJS uses HTML to define app’s user interface. HTML is a declarative language which is procedurally defined in the interface which is in JavaScript.In this way, things are less likely to be broken thereby enabling many more (UI)developers when the view is written in HTML.

This approach greatly supports WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get). Instead of making note of the program flows, you focus on what you want and AngularJS will take care of the dependencies.

3. Data Models

Yet another benefit assigned to Web application development services is in data models. These are plain old JavaScript objects (POJO) and do not require any type of extra functions. It is much easier to change or add properties directly on it and work with loops and arrays as may be required.  Code will appear in a much better way.

4. Directives work in Angular way

Coming as an additional functionality to HTML, Directives work in Angular way. HTML has many rich elements that there is no need to manipulate DOM to simulate them. The only thing that is needed in the app is to assign attributes to elements to any different functionalities out of the box.

For this purpose, Web application development services, use Directives by enabling to discover independent HTML elements, by putting all the DOM manipulation code into directives with a possibility of separating it out of MVC app. This allows MVC app to not only concern itself with updating the view with new data. How the view behaves is up to the directives.

5. Extends HTML

While HTML works well for static documents, it does not work well when we try to use for declaring dynamic views in web-applications. AngularJS extends vocabulary making it more expressive, readable and quick to develop.

6. Run on Browsers and Smart Devices

Another benefit experienced by Web application development company is that Angular JS applications run on all major browsers and smart devices including Android and iOS phones and tablets.

7. Quick Snapshots

Web application development services also make a note of AngularJS benefits such as these bring in –

– High capabilities to create Single Page Applications.

– Provide data binding capability to HTML giving rich and responsive experience.

– Angular JS code is unit testable.

– Uses dependency injection and uses separation of concerns.

– Uses reusable components

– Achieve more functionality with short code as experienced by developers.

– Views are clean html pages, and controllers are written in JavaScript does the business processing.


Now you know why Web development company is benefitted in the use of Web application development services by using AngularJS with its wide benefits of – ease of use, the MVC architecture, enhanced community support, works on client side, offers modularity coding, comes with filters, two-way data binding,  easy testing and the SPA features.