Top 3 Facts To Know About WordPress Design Services In Covid-19 Pandemic With Your Online Business Website

WordPress design services

Top 3 Facts To know About WordPress Design Services In Covid-19

Did you know world class entertaining company and Fortune 500 segmented Disney has its website powered by WordPress? That’s an interesting fact. Right? Because Disney takes you into that magic world and gives you a pleasant walkthrough that you can find nowhere else on earth. It is so good to watch. So, when a company like Disney chooses to launch its website in WordPress, why can’t you own one to showcase your small business online? Particularly when there are most efficient and effective WordPress design services. WordPress latest version (4.7) is written 52 languages and currently holds 75 million websites on the web.

1.WordPress is The Best

Arranged by huge collection of themes and templates to start giving a professional appeal within few minutes, WordPress website design services can customize and provides you with the benefits of speed, long lasting user experience and ease of use. These are some of the highlights to state why it’s the world’s most popular content management system.

Built with a combination of four primary languages – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, makes a complete and WordPress website providing a bigger scope for designing body content, testing on website appearance, using different colors, fonts, checking the behavior of user interface, interactive, dynamic and the advantage of programming language in which WordPress is basically written.

Making the WordPress web design services much more powerful and known for its high quality performance, did you know 30% of all websites are designed in WordPress? Known for its versatility,  allowing users to create fully functional websites for any business, it is an open source software, which means it is completely free, permitted for redistribution with unlimited validity.

Packed with user benefits and how exactly audience want a website to be is what Custom WordPress design services makes it very special and uniquely identifiable. 

Although we are confronting Covid-19 pandemic which led to lowered performance of businesses in 2020, WordPress continues to outperform as best CMS – packed with built-in SEO boosts, easy customization, mobile optimization, software tools integration and how it enables the growth of Wordpress community.

2. Pandemic online shopping with Digital Commerce

During the pandemic, shoppers are prioritizing safety and choosing business websites that offer this feature.  There is a shift in thinking, online behavior change at the point of sale expansion in digital commerce. These have made businesses much stronger.  Let’s find out what is the concept of digital-first commerce.

Safety-first  means touchless – contactless payment options have improved sales and this feature is accessed by nearly 46% are using contactless payment methods as a safety measure. Nearly 78% of consumers have introduced changes to their payment gateway, by using contactless payments and not using much of cash. A majority of consumers (70%)  now prefer to use new payment methods.

3. Effective working of WordPress Website during Covid-19

While the global economic slowdown has melted many small businesses during Covid-19 pandemic, your WordPress website holds the key to your crucial success in building sales and marketing.

You can be assured to receive best recommendations and suggestions from WordPress web development company, about how to upgrade your website, ecommerce capabilities and much more.

Let’s first find out about the new improvements we can make with WordPress Design Services.

#1. Upgrade your online store by adding ecommerce functions. These are – better inventory, marketing, pricing and retaining retail location-wise sales and improving ecommerce performance.

#2. Add more videos to your YouTube Channel and make Presentations. Demos are very successful along with face-to-face presentations,  and trade shows. In addition to this, it is a great idea to moot video conferencing and better communication tools.

#3. Keep your inventory and logistics on the move – This means update your WordPress website with accurate stock of items,  shipping information, business operations and other product related information to enable buyers to buy with credibility.


WordPress website design services have proved to be valuable even in Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, if utilized well, your WordPress web development company can deliver you most profitable and highly profitable services by boosting sales, marketing,  advertising online. This would bring positive returns letting you take carr of your business efficiently. There’s also scope for more innovative marketing ideas by the use of available hundreds of WordPress plugins that you can try for improving sales. Thus, you agree why there’s need and demand for WordPress web design services.