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importance of ecommerce mobile Apps for businesses

E commerce Apps Are Proving To Be A Boon For The Businesses

Today, life has become so fast that people do not have time to visit a market and do their necessary stuff. To overcome their burdens, mobile phones have already transformed into smart phones and businesses are developing their respective mobile apps as a way to reach them faster. This way e-commerce is gaining popularity day by day.

According to a report by Statistic, global e-commerce sales are estimated to increase 246.15% by 2021, and from 1.3 trillion in 2014 to 4.5 trillion in 2021.

So how e-commerce applications are proving to be a boon for a business? Take a look:


Mobile apps are the first preference for the end users: Research has shown that 78% of users have polled for mobile apps than mobile browsers. Moreover, another research has revealed that users spend 90% of their time interacting through mobile apps. Mobile apps are easier to access as compared to mobile browsers as users do not have to worry about bookmarking a URL or logging in every time they visit the particular shopping site.


Mobile apps allow for push notifications: The best way to be in the eyes of your customers is through push notifications. With e-commerce mobile app, you can keep popping some push notifications at regular intervals. You can attract their attraction by pushing the notifications related to discounts or some sale or when their viewed items are back in stock. This way your customers can remember you quite often.


Mobiles apps ensure better performance: Mobile apps load faster than being in a browser. So being an e-commerce business, you should get an e-commerce app to ensure that your customers stay loyal to you. No matter, how high the quality is of the items on your online retail store, if your end user is made to wait for long for loading the content, it is obvious for you to face the disregard.


Mobiles apps provide a better end-user experience: An online business paves its way towards success by putting its first step in the right direction and that is a seamless end user experience. It is easy to navigate on mobile apps as compared to navigating on a web browser. The mobile apps can download the high definition images and heavy animations faster while making the app look attractive, stylish and modern.  Thus, it promotes user engagement and user retention.


Mobile apps promote lesser cart abandonment:  When a user visits an online store, it is obvious that as a business, you would want him or her to buy the item they have selected. However, there are a majority of the chances that when the buyer adds the item to the cart to make a purchase on the browser, he or she faces the payment error or slow navigation or other associated errors, they deny to buy it from the business. Having a mobile app of their favorite e-commerce business enables the customers to search, select and add the item to their cart faster than doing it on the browser. They also get able to make the payments faster which lessens the card abandonment counts.

Ecommerce industry is undergoing a lot of changes and mobile apps are definitely the easiest way to gather the necessary user information as well as capturing the user’s attention. When an end user installs the mobile app, you as a business comes to know about their interests, choices, their behavior of exploring the things on the internet, their demands for some specific items etc. Additionlly, it gives you an insight into how much time does a user spent on your mobile app, what all did he or she add to the cart or removed from a cart or moved to wish list.

Equinox IT Solutions LLC offers classy and customizable e-commerce mobile app solution to help the clients’ businesses boost their ROI and customer count. We help in building a smooth working android as well as iOS e-commerce mobile apps with our effective mobile app development services.

We help the businesses build their software with our three-tier architecture which is client-server architecture. In this architecture, we develop functional process logic, data access, computer data storage, and user interface and maintain them individually as independent modules.

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The three tiers in the architecture are:

Presentation Tier: This is the first layer of the application, built with Angular and aims to display the information related to browsing merchandise, purchasing, shopping cart content. It sends the related information to the clients’ tier and other tiers of the network.

Logic Tier: This is the one which is pulled out of the presentation tier. The other names used for logic tier are business logic, data access tier, middle tier. This layer is built with JAVA, Spring and hibernate which are user-friendly. This tier is highly effective in keeping the data structures consistent within any databases. Being independent, these tiers’ components can be used by l applications and can be relocated as per the requirement.

Data Tier: This layer consists of the database storage system and data access layer. It is built on MYSQL and hence keeps the data independent from application servers or business logic. Thus it helps to improve scalability and performance and allows the clients to be configured without installing DBMS libraries etc.

The benefits which you get from this three tier architecture are:


Flexibility: Each tier is independent, so it increases flexibility to increase the number of a terminal as per the need.


Security: It is easy to implement security features in the second layer of the three tiers by decoupling the logic tier layer and the clients. Adding security features enhances its reliability.


Maintainability: Being independent, it is easy to update the technology stack of one tier individually without interfering with the other stacks.


Scalability: Because the layers are independent, it becomes easy to scale each layer privately at any point in time.

Equinox IT Solutions LLC provides you with a cost-effective solution to build a customizable and user-friendly mobile app and website.