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Know about updating WordPress

All you need to know about updating WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used platform to build websites on. Its properties like easy to use, responsive web design, search engine optimization ready, plenty of themes and plug-ins availability, cost effective make WordPress the most preferred choice of the businesses which want to run a seamless online business. However, at certain point of time, WordPress keeps popping up some updates related to its different features to which the WordPress users are not sure of whether to accept or decline. In this article we will be studying why we should keep WordPress updated.

You must have heard, developers stating to keep the WordPress updated but do you know why? It is because keeping WordPress updated helps it stay secure and away from any issues. Let’s study in detail:

·Security and Bug Fixes: It is obvious that anything which is high in usage over the internet is the target to hit for the hackers. The same is true for the WordPress. Being an open source platform, it can be easily understood that a minor bug or security issue paves the way for the hackers to take a sneak peek into the website and hack it for their own advantage.      Luckily, the WordPress teams are always keeping an eagle’s eye on such happenings and are there for the rescue. But still, prevention is better than cure. Why to take risk by not updating the WordPress security features. Keeping your WordPress up to date helps a website prevent hackers’ attacks and thus maintains optimal site security.

·Themes and Plug-ins: Walking hand in hand with the evolving times is the need of the hour. Thus, updating themes and plug-ins remove the unwanted versions and update it to the latest one which is running well in the market. Updating the WordPress adds new features which improves the website with essential plug-ins, themes, scripts and other essential core features.

·Performance Enhancement: With the updates in WordPress, it is likely that the performance of the website will also take elevation. It will improve the loading time and fix other performance related issues. For example, WordPress 4.1 included improvements to complex queries to improve the performance of sites using these, and WordPress 3.9 included improvements to the performance of TinyMCE (an open-source, browser based WYSIWYG editor).

·Compatibility: Another crucial reason to keep WordPress updated is related to maintaining the compatibility of the website. Compatibility issues are also fixed when WordPress is allowed to install the updates. After installing a plug in, if you face any site breaking or theme breaking, then it is compatibility issue. Developers must check the compatibility of the updated WordPress and keep a track of it in plug-ins repository.

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How to know that the WordPress needs to be updated?

To know if your WordPress built website needs to be updated, you just need to visit WordPress dashboard where you can identify the current version of WordPress. If there will be a requirement to update it, you will find a notification there. If you are viewing it as an admin, you will find a tab by the name Updates on the dashboard, clicking on which essential updates will start to upload.

Can I just update the WordPress right away?

No. Before running any updates, it is essential to keep a backup of your site and database. It is must because once the updates begin to execute there can be several issues related to site performance, compatibility, security etc. So to avoid the last minute panic, keeping back up of current version of site can be a savior.

To sum up:

Being powerful and adaptable piece of software, WordPress needs to be kept under complete updates. It is important because the more it is taken care of, the better will be the end user experience and hence business benefits. For keeping a check on the WordPress performance, it is essential to have a dedicated team to continually keep a check on it. Equinox IT Solutions LLC assists its clients and customers to run their business online seamlessly under our surveillance. Our developers make sure to leave no potential security holes or other WordPress concerns to make the functionality of the software run smooth.