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Why SSL Certificate is so much significant for a website.

Are you able to create a trusted website for your audience?

This digitized era has brought a huge revolution in the way businesses used to run. It has escalated the competition beyond limits. More and more websites are emerging and simultaneously more and more cyber threats. There lies the need to add SSL certificate to your website to protect it.

What is SSL Certificate and why is it so much significant?

An SSL certificate is a stamp for your website; especially e-commerce to make it the trusted one for your audience. If a website has installed SSL certificate for their website, it creates a foundation of trust that the environment which they are scrolling on is a well secured one. The security of the website is generally depicted by lock in the address bar or it can be visualized as a visible green bar. 

When an SSL certificate is embedded in the website, it changes the domain name from “http:// to https://”So we can say it acts as the backbone of the website to secure and protect the sensitive information as it travels across the networks. 

On the flip side, not using an SSL certificate may bring misfortune to the customer as well as the business. Let’s understand this by an example. Suppose you have e-commerce business and your end user is your regular customer. Every time, things were falling in place for both of you but this time the game has changed. The user has selected the items and has filled the payment details; this is the point where the cyber attacker may find a way to the payment details. That is under the guise of payment to the business, the attacker can slip the money to other account and the customer will be unaware of where the money has gone. Moreover, the end user may experience some vulgar stuff on your site whenever he visits it. There are many other ways which may interrupt with the trust of the customer for a business.  Therefore, SSL Certificate becomes of utmost importance. 

As per a report, since 2014 there is a huge escalation in the number of the websites which have accepted SSL certificate. The ratio has risen from just 7.6% in 2014 to 31.5%.

There are many more benefits of using SSL Certificate. Read below:

Safeguards and Encrypts Sensitive Information: First and foremost benefit of SSL certificate for your website is that it prohibits the leaking of sensitive information like login details, payment details and many more while it is being transmitted from and to your website. SSL encrypts the data and protects it from being attacked by cybercriminals.

Better Ranking Advantage: An SSL certified website gets an added on the advantage of ranking higher than expected. The websites with encrypted connections are likely to get ranked better than other unsafe websites. Moreover, it will help you to stay ahead of the competition and reach the audience before your competitor does. 

Satisfy PCI/DSS Requirements: This is the era of digitization where everything has gone online; payments are the best part which can be done easily without having to stand in long queues. To ensure safe payments, your website has to be PCI/DSS compliant. SSL certificate is among the 12 primary requirements which payment card industry (PCI) looks for.

Entails Trust For Your Customers: Gaining the trust of their customers is the prime concern for every business. SSL helps you in building that trust. In the address bar of your website, if there is a lock shown to your customers, it ensures them of the safety of the site and hence their personal information. This emerges your reputation in the eyes of your customer and makes them believe that you take their privacy seriously.

Better Conversion Rates: With trust comes more visitors. By installing SSL certificate, one way where you win the trust of your visitors, the other way you attract more attention and gain more visitors. Your business will become the word of mouth and will bring more visitors who are likely to convert into customers. 

How to obtain SSL Certificate for your website?

To obtain an SSL certificate for your website, the primary step should be checking with your current website hosting provider that whether they provide SSL certificate or not. Moreover, big companies like Symantec have started to release free SSL certificates. However, a paid SSL certificate brings in better service options. 

If you own an Enterprise level business, it is recommended to have EV certificate which is a strict authentication process and can add advantage to the business. 

Final Thoughts

Summing it up, nobody would love to surf on an unsafe website. If your customers experience insecure browsing, they will disregard your website which will dampen your business. Having an SSL certificate for your website is incredibly beneficial. It makes the data transmission safer and secure between the servers with minimal risk of any failure. 

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