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Boost Conversions For Your E-commerce Business

Boost Conversions For Your E commerce Business

E commerce has become the indispensable part of our lives and the fast pacing web design industry demands appealing websites to display to the customers. With each passing day, e-commerce

Today is the time when markets are flooded with the torrents of buyers and businesses are giving each other strong competition to have a sleek, organized and magnetic presence digitally. With the efforts of our resources, we work towards achieving the goal to build the best e commerce app for our clients.

Equinox IT Solutions LLC, one of the top rated companies, is here to develop any kind of e commerce app for its clients to elevate their business success. With our wide experience in developing e commerce, we develop ecommerce apps with scalable and robust platforms for the businesses to redefine their digital commerce experience.

We leverage Prestashop, Opencart and Magento kind of tools to deliver modern day featured e commerce apps. Our E-commerce product is developed for front end with Angular JS, for middle Tier it is built with Java, Spring and Hibernate and for back end it is developed with MySQL. Our developed E commerce product is customizable to the needs of our clients.

Top Features of Equinox IT Sol for ecommerce app development:

With our years of experience in building an ecommerce app, we have gained expertise and can build effective e commerce apps that can hit the market at the top. Our core services for ecommerce app involve:


  •  Seamless User Experience: For an end user: For an end user, if the app does not work effectively and hinders his or her way for searching the item, scrolling through the options etc can be a big turn off. It raises the chances for the app to be disregarded by the end user. We develop the e commerce app which does not let the business grow bad in the eyes of the customers.
  •  Customized view of the app: It is obvious that en end user can use the app on the mobile and even on the desktop. So it has to be compatible with all platforms and operating systems. We deliver the app which adjusts and customizes itself as per the end user wants to view it on.
  •  Item Billing and Payment: As like any app, adding to cart, deleting from cart, editing the cart, making the payment are crucial steps in an e commerce app. These have to be smooth and secured. We build the app which runs according to the need of the customer and when it comes to payment, we make sure that it generates payments through secured payment gateways only.
  •  Shipping, Tracking and Delivery Status: It is obvious that end number of people will access the app and will make orders. To keep a track for their orders that when they are placed, shipped, delivered, our developers create a unique interface that makes it easy to maintain the track for the business as well as customer.