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2019 Software testing trends

Keep An Eye On These Upcoming Software Testing Trends Of 2019?

A huge number of enterprises have shown their interest in agile and DevOps to deliver software applications rapidly and of high quality. To deliver the better results, test automation adds value to it. The three together are the key trends now as that address the challenges smartly through analytics. This rising trend is making it essential for the QA professionals to do lot of testing and that too continuously. Doing every testing manually is difficult, thus automation testing comes into picture.

Automation has gained a lot of significance but is this it? Is there anything else than automation which we should keep an eye on? Below we will be seeing some important testing trends to keep an eye in 2019 which could add value to a business.

Performance Engineering: Until now we have witnessed the execution of performance test scripts but in 2019, there will be a shift of the focus from execution to analyzing the elements of the system for their working synchronization. For a good user experience, it is must for the business to stay up to date and well performing. Consistent performance is in need and to provide it to their customers, businesses will divert from performance testing to performance engineering.

Digital Transformation will secure its foot stronger: In 2018, we have already seen the incline of the businesses towards digitalization. In upcoming year 2019, this digital transformation is going to be of utmost importance as people are now more into the digital world. Therefore, businesses have to prepare themselves from now onwards to be at the top of the list of their customers’ preference.  

Big Data Testing will be in the air: With the expansion of internet of things (IoT), big data testing has already gained importance and is expected to be at the top in the near future also. In big data testing, testers verify whether the terabytes of data have successfully processed or not.

DevOps will be highly embraced: Testing is the crucial part of the software development life cycle. Doing it after entire production of the product stretches it’s time to release in the market. With DevOps, testing is performed at each stage of development Tehrefore speeding up the development process is necessary and will be achieved by DevOps.

IoT Testing will rule: Internet of things brings lot of devices to work together. Thus it is must to test them effectively to make sure that their functionality, security, usability, compatibility, reliability, scalability, performance and other crucial features are up to mark.

Overwhelming use of open source tools: With time, open source tools will gain more significance, reason being they are cost effective and are easily available. There is a rise in the need to do continuous improvement, this will in future bring open source testing tools more into deployment. Thus, businesses of any type will rely more on these to deliver better and robust product.

Wrapping it up

Whether you are an Enterprise or a Start-up, you have to stay updated with the evolving technology and your customers’ needs. Moreover, more and more technological innovations will be increasing the testing requirement across devices and platforms. The above mentioned are the expected software testing trends of the year 2019 which every business; especially testers must keep a check on. 

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