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Essential Plug-Ins For WordPress

The Not-To-Be-Missed Plug-ins For WordPress Why?

WordPress as we all know is an outstanding Content Management System which was earlier used only for blogging but is now used to run websites also. It is widely used because it embodies elegance, ease of use and the best web standards. Though it is the most used platform, it does not mean it can do all the tasks itself. There are times when it needs some additional assistance which we can call plug-ins.

The Role of Plug-ins

Plug-ins in WordPress boosts up the website. They help to reduce the workload as once these plug-ins are installed these do not need any coding, only activating them can sort the matter and decrease the manual burden.

Plug-ins can also save you the money. Having a plug-in on your WordPress website can save you money by doing the stuff for you. Otherwise, if you want to do that particular thing annually, you would definitely need some expert who would cost you enough that it may feel heavy on your pocket.

Plug-ins can make your website run effectively. Plug-ins hold the power to filter spam and thus it allows genuine comments to be posted on your website. If any comment gets posted without your consent, WordPress plug-ins pushes the notification for that.

In short, plug-ins act as a great tool to add and extend functionality to WordPress.

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The Essential Plug-Ins For Your Wordpress

1. Akismet: This plug-in act as a barrier to any spam comment on the WordPress website. The unwanted spammed comment is kept out of the boundary of the website with this plug-in. Moreover, it also helps to delete the junk comments by itself. This means, it is a time, money and life saviour plug-in.

2. Yoast SEO: Definitely, search engines are the one which drive in the traffic to a website. Thus, competition is at its peak and here in the digital world, Yoast SEO plug-in can help in improving the content as per the market standards to improve the ranking of the website. Thus, it aims to maintain a sustainable SEO and user count.

3.Monster Insights: This is the best Google analytics plug-in which connects the website to Google analytics to let you inform about the website visitors and how they are able to reach your website.

4. W3 Total Cache: You must know that faster websites rank higher than a slow performing website. W3 Total cache is a plug-in which is essential to be added to serve compressed and cached files to your website visitors. Thus, it reduces the load on the server and websites loads faster comparatively.

5.All in one Schema.org Rich Snippets: This plug-in enables search engines to gather a useful summary of the content which is displayed. Such useful snippets make your website and content to stand differently from the competition. It supports review, event, people, product, recipe, software application, video and articles content types.

6.Contact Form 7: This plug-in is advantageous if you want to make multiple contacts forms. It can customize the form and mail contents like you can add email address or phone number box. It supports Ajax powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet filtering to help in handling spam.

7. MailChimp: This plug-in is the most suitable email marketing plug-in. It can manage subscribers, send emails and also track the results that too in bulk. With this plug-in installed, you can add subscription forms in your WP blog. It is supportive to all the major plug-ins like Contact Form 7, WooCommerce etc.

8. WooCommerce: This is the plug-in which has simplified creating and running an online store with WP. It helps to integrate storefront into your business website. It does not need any knowledge of coding and is easy to install and set up.

9.Backup Buddy: It is critical to keep backup of database and WordPress files. Therefore, Backup Buddy is here to assist you in keeping the back up for the same. It can schedule automatic backups, store the backups on cloud and also helps to avoid the security issues.

10. iThemes Security: This plug-in helps to fix the loop holes in the security of a WordPress website. iThemes protect the site from the unexpected and unpredictable vulnerabilities which come along other installed plug-ins.

11.WP Smush Pro: Images on the website is a way to attract the attention of the users. WP Smush Pro is the best image compression plug-in which uploads the images without reducing the quality of them and saves the storage space as well as speeds up the loading of the website.

12. BJ Lazy Load: Having lot of images on site can make it perform slowly. BJ Lazy Load plug-in replaces all the post images, thumbnails and content iframes with a placeholder and loads the content only when a user scrolls on the page. Thus, it improves website loading and saves bandwidth.

13.User Registration: This plug-in brings in the ease of creating frontend user registration and login forms. WordPress registration plug-in makes the website user friendly as the end user can register on it easily and as a business you can boost your marketing strategies by providing discounts, bonuses to the registered users.

14. Nivo Slider: Displaying more than one image can be advantageous to commercial WordPress websites. Nivo Slider is such a WordPress plug-in which helps to add post slider, image carousel or even a slideshow.

15.Page Builder by Site Origin: SiteOrigin Page builder is a highly effective WordPress plug-in which allows you to build grid-based page content using the widgets of choice. It makes the content adaptive to all mobile devices.

There are plenty of WordPress plug-ins available which could help in reducing the manual work load. Above mentioned plug-ins include some of the most needed WordPress plug-ins which are highly effective for security, SEO, marketing and social purposes and make your website robust, secure and SEO friendly.