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Here is a latest Web Development Trends Trending in 2020. These Features will help improve Usability and User Experience of Websites.

Web Development Trends Trending in 2020

Every year advancements in technology boom and thus there is no denying the fact that web development must also face advancements. As new technologies emerge, the consumers need and expectations evolve, thus plenty of changes have to be happened. While it is difficult to predict future that what trend will be there in forthcoming future, it is must to stay in sync with the already evolving changes. We are at the end of the third quarter of the year 2019, so we must see what all changes have taken place so far:

The Single Page Websites

Developing one page website in in trend. Users prefer to browse on their mobile phones than on desktops. Therefore, they seek websites which are easy to scroll and locate the items and related information on. One page website is easy to use for an end user as they can access the information without hassle and on a single page. What makes these websites appealing is their simplicity and ease of scrolling, navigation.

The Progressive Web Apps

These are standard web apps which are consisted of regular web pages, and are designed to look like native mobile applications. Using the progressive apps combines the benefits of both desktop and mobile devices while negating the drawbacks. These apps come with a lot of benefits which include speed, security, usability and offline access. Moreover, these apps are free from the need of any middleman which is otherwise necessary in other apps. If you are looking to build a progressive app, Equinox IT Solutions LLC can help you build it within WordPress using Angular JS.

The Dominance Of Java Script

Java Script has been heavily used for functional programming since the dawn of 2018. Vue JS is the lightweight framework and is faster than other frameworks. It is in light since 2014 but is widely used now. JavaScript offers functional benefits also. It is easy to build a software based on fundamental principles using Java Script.

The Advent Of Real Time Web Apps

Real Time Web Apps have become the most preferred choice of the consumers because these apps give them an ease to interact quickly. It is better than the traditional web apps because there is no barrier between the client and the server. With a real-time app, the client opens up a connection directly to the server so either side can send a message to the other without waiting to be asked for it. If something on the server changes, it sends the data over the connection to the client. If something on the client changes, it sends it to the server and the server can decide whether other clients need to know about the change.

The Fall Of Flash

Being incompatible with mobile devices, flash has seen disregard from the audience. Though it has been into existence for at least 15 years but it could not win the hearts. It was used to display the animations on the websites and was a slow worker. So, Google barred flash and replaced it with HTML5 which is a web development language. Security issues, frequent crashes, iOS incompatibility and a lack of mobile browser support have also lead to the downfall of the flash. However, HTML5 enables the web developers to create SEO friendly animations at ease and provides a secure, low-maintenance, high-performance alternative.

The Chatbots

Chatbots have gained a huge popularity. It is a kind of technology which offers users to interact with it over a website on continuous basis. This has brought a proper online support to the desk of the end users. With chatbot services, businesses are now able to offer seamless customer services to their potential customers. A bot on the company is website ensures that you are in contact with your client at any time, in any situation and thus it maintains the loyalty of the customer towards business and vice versa. Moreover, as per a research, it is expected that majority of the customer interactions will proceed through chatbots and without any human assistance by 2020.

Wrapping it up

Overall, change is the only constant and if there is no change, there is no progress. Web development, being the core of any business has to be made run as per the needs of the end users. Therefore, businesses must not be reluctant to adopting the trends which are finally capable of retaining their customers.