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Ways to Make Your WordPress Site Accessible For All

Website Maintenance Post Launch Is The Next Step Towards Your Business Success

The job is not over after launching a website instead it needs a regular care to be taken care of. It is just like keeping the engines well-oiled to avoid any glitches while driving. Not keeping a maintained website will only bring unnecessary burden, lack in customer retention and unwanted expenditure. Below are the responsibilities which are followed by the launch of it:

  • Website Security: You will not be warned before some hacker is going to trap your website. Your website will be infected and you will not even not know it. Your site will be used to send spam messages. To prevent such obnoxious activities, it is must to keep a regular security check on website. 
  • Regular Back-up of Data: Keeping the back-up of website data can save you from losing your customers. If you frequently update your website, you should keep a back-up of it because many of the sites are prone to falling prey to hackers, and once hacked or crashed; it is very difficult to recover the data. 
  • Check Site Speed: A fast loading website improves the overall experience of an end user. Thus, it improves website’s ranking in google. Therefore, it is must to keep a regular check on the performance of your website. 
  • Go through Forms and Sign-Up Pathways: It is obvious that on your website, you will have multiple options for your end users like signing up, contact forms, navigations etc. Spare time out of your busy schedule to go through the forms and other necessary links on your website to check that they open the right page which they are intended to.
  • Cross check your site appearance: Different people will use different devices to explore a website. Some may use desktop, some may use tabloid or some may use mobile browser. Being an online business, you must keep a track of how your website interacts with different users on different multitudes of screen sizes. 
  • Keep the content updated: There are chances that despite hard work the content may be erroneous. To avoid bad impression on the mind of readers, you should keep a check on the displayed content of your website that is it displaying properly without breaking in between. Moreover, spellings, grammar and other writing errors can remain hidden to a regular viewer than a random viewer. Thus, you should have someone who is not studying the content daily and is able to locate the errors in it. 
  • Create and submit XML sitemap: Creating and submitting XML sitemap can help you list in the URLs which are considered to rank in Google. This improves onsite SEO and helps the web crawlers in determining your website’s structure.

Preventing disgruntled users and keeping regular visitors happy is what a business works hard for. Therefore, website should not be static.

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