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Free vs Paid WordPress Theme

What to choose- Free or Paid WordPress Themes?

Having to choose between free or paid WordPress themes brings in a lot of complexities. One school of thought says that free WordPress Themes are just enough and meets the requirements of what a business needs while another school of thoughts says that paid WordPress Themes to offer better options than free ones. There are certain factors which can help to choose the right theme plan. Let us take a glance at these factors of both and plan accordingly to choose the best.

The Updates

To catch the pace with the evolving technology, WordPress is constantly upgrading itself at least every month. The update can be associated with anything. It can be a security feature, it can be a performance feature, it can be anything. A small update in WordPress means the themes and plug-ins installed must be updated simultaneously to improve the compatibility of the site. 

When compared to premium WordPress themes, free ones come with lesser updates which sometimes hamper business productivity. Buying a premium WordPress theme offers the support to run the business online without any hurdle which could make the downfall of a business. 

The Support

Free WordPress themes bring not many options on the table of its users. These do not come with additional support and features which can back a website. If it does then the support does not meet the users’ requirements. As a beginner, you may use free themes but for a long run it may create obstacles to a smooth running site. 

Paid themes offer user guide and immense tech support features like live chat, email system and public forum which generally free themes do not provide. Paid themes offer flexible options like plug-ins, more skins etcetera. 

Search Engine Optimization

Using WordPress means making your site rank better in SEO ranking and WordPress plays a major role in making this happen. While using free WordPress themes, you are likely to experience bugs and other issues like the slow performance of the site. 

To prevent such hurdles, it is must to have a WordPress theme which is of higher quality and offers higher SEO working. Premium WordPress themes are not only SEO optimized but also offers clean codes which promote faster loading of the site. It also helps in lowering down the number of resource-hogging plug-ins.

Encapsulating the whole thing

Hammering the last nail, it will not be wrong to say that both the WordPress themes have their own significance. However, one should not neglect the changing needs of the customers. This is the era where the more you allure and fascinates your public, the public will stick to you. 

We all know what is free is not worthy enough. You have a good business and a sound reputation but you are still counting on your customers to have a bad experience of your business online. This will end into a nightmarish result. Having a premium WordPress theme brings in a lot of advantages. We understand that it is not easy to buy a new theme every time you want; that is why we are here. Equinox IT Solutions lends a resourceful hand to its clients who look forward to stretching their business online and that too seamlessly. 

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