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Things To Do AFTER LAUNCHING A WordPress Site

What’s next after the launch of your WordPress website?

A website is the result of endless efforts of months and the stress which one undergoes. Launching a website is not the end of the game, rather it is the beginning of new innings. This blog will give you a gist of the necessary points to remember after the website has been launched.

Generate SEO Content: To make your website rank at the top, you have to have content which has adequate SEO keywords and the ability to engage the reader.  Therefore, if you have a personal blog or news feed on your website, make sure you update it on a regular basis to keep the pace with the evolving market.

Track your blogs: Posting a blog is just one step of the game. People will read and comment on it. Thus, you should keep a track of your postings to identify which are genuine comments and need your reply. If you find any comment which is not genuine, you can mark it as spam by editing the settings in your WordPress dashboard.

Consider the functionality and performance of the website: A website after launch is expected to confront end number of site visitors which could create downtime for it. Maybe there come to any stances when the website is not able to handle the audience load and it may stop functioning well. It is must to keep a check on, especially these two aspects of the website to avoid losing your audience. 

Assess Security of the website: the Internet is home to numerous websites and hence hackers. Any small loophole can help the hackers to steal your data and can even block your access to your own website. To keep your website protected against such vulnerable activities, you must keep your WordPress, themes and plug-ins updated at a regular interval of times. 

Involve social media: Apart from content, there are other sources to promote your website. Integrate your website to your own social media channel and start giving backlink to your website by adding the content or videos. Moreover, whatever you post on social media related to your business, make sure to post your website link followed by a short and exciting description which can make them visit your website and hence becoming your happy customer.

Google Analytics: After launching the website, it is essential to analyze the traffic which is coming to your website. This will give you an insight into where the entire traffic is coming from. You can even track which content is in trend and what type of searches does the traffic make. Ultimately, it will help you improve your website to satisfy the end user.

 Activate Caching Plug-in: Nobody likes to wait for the website to load. If the loading time exceeds 3 seconds, it is more likely that the end user will abandon it. Installing a cache plug-in like W3Total Cache, WP Super can reduce the overall page loading time. 

Keep a Backup Plug-in: Keeping a back-up is always good. Installing a backup plug-in can save you your website data if in case anything bad happens to the website. 

Putting the entire thing into a nutshell, your website is like a small seed which if gets enough water and nourishment will start bearing beautiful flowers and fruits. At Equinox IT Solutions LLC, we provide website recovery plans that cover every contingency. We work with the client closely to determine and track their KPIs to help them collect enough data which can help them in making future decisions. Moreover, we provide services to help you keep your website technically current. We assist you in keeping your website absolutely in shape and updated to the latest.  

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