What Is Brand Identity? And How To Design And Develop A Great One.

How to develop a unique brand identity

What Is Brand Identity? And How To Design And Develop A Great One.

How to develop a unique brand identity?  Brand identity is how you want your customers and prospective customers to understand your product or service. Brand identity takes many elements that include as – appearance, use, scope, color palette, feel etc. At times, logos play a vital role in recognizing the brand identity. This is very important for a business to be visible for market presence. 

How to create a powerful brand identity? There are many benefits with a strong brand identity as it connects you with customers easily, finds its way to recognition easily in the marketplace and inspires customers to remember and choose your brand even among many competitors.

Some of the highlights of attaining a brand identity are:

  • Keeps you ahead of your competitors and sends out a positive message to audience
  • Provides easy communication in visual and in writing making content easily reachable
  • Defines the specificities of a brand and it signifies the importance for people to buy
  • Generates reputation, loyalty and makes it memorable
  • Leaves a lasting impression
  • Positions your market and places among luxury or premium brand
  • Builds credibility and sends a clear message encouraging customers to choose as a value for their investment.
  • This is most crucial that a business connects with its brand identity and influences consumers.
  • Thus the value and benefits of brand identity are endless.

Digital marketing company in the USA recommends some of the top bits to consider for brand identity. These are:

  • Know your audience

Check who your audience is? Understanding your audience comes as a biggest benefit as you can work on their needs and tailor to their interests.

You also ensure that your business is seen by the right and appropriate people.

Creating a persona worksheet helps you identify your ideal customer to get your marketing right.

  • Do competitor analysis

Digital marketing services company also ensures to perform competitor analysis. This is key to ensure that you are ahead of your competitors.

Additionally, it is also important to understand your competitors and that is the key to success. Keeping up with the trends so that you are not left behind. 

  • Create a brand strategy

How to design a new brand identity for your business?  Brand identity is more than just visuals. It is just about logos, but every part of brand identity should be consistent with every brand touchpoint.

It takes a lot of careful planning and understanding your business needs and having a vision to carry out with goals and objectives is very important.

To attract new customers, you need to make good marketing efforts centered around your brand identity. 

You could offer discounts, deals and offers via e-newsletter to inspire and encourage new customers to sign up for your services. 

Having a brand strategy can also inform you about strengths, weaknesses, audience, marketing channels and your objectives.

This being an important area, keeping long term goals gives you a proper direction and helps you measure success over a period of time.  You must keep the progress of your works, advertising, marketing and how you are building the future efforts. 

Hiring a manager, graphic designer and a member of the sales team brings the team together and they will have different input to contribute to new ideas.

Keeping a brand strategy ensures that everyone understands the goals and can work collaboratively to ensure that this is achieved. 

What elements are involved in brand identity?

Along with logos, there is also a need for visual language that can be applied from website design to packaging.  Depending on your brand, you should consider the following:

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Design system
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Data visualization

Who can help you with designing a brand identity?

Approaching a well established and reputed digital marketing services company can bring a vast help.  To design a  strong brand identity, it is required to have an expert team consisting of content creators, internal team, influencers and brand ambassadors who understand business and customers. 

Some of the significant factors to build a strong identity are:

  • Make it distinct and unique to stand with competitors and also to invite the interest of people
  • Make it memorable visually
  • Scalable and flexible to grow with the brand
  • Cohesive to complement the brand identity
  • Intuitive for designers

6 ways to build successful brand identity in 2021 

Integrate across social media platforms

Branding must be done consistently across all social media platforms.  To create a unique identity, it is very important to have an online presence with social media platforms.

Build relationships with other companies 

Build relations with other companies and this that customers share similar values and particularly when collaboration becomes meaningful it involves a specific cause to raise money. 

Create a community with a brand 

Creating a community around a brand when people feel they are part of a specific product, they will continue to make purchases.

Creating a community or movement requires putting not just a logo, but more than that on a product.

Communicate regularly with customers 

As brands are likely to change over time, it is also likely that business goals may shift.  The key to connecting people is through communication. 

Entrepreneurs put a significant emphasis on communicating with customers through emails, social media posts and other channels.

Communication is a two-way street which means people feel more comfortable offering feedback.

Focus on small details on branding

Best digital marketing company works on small details of branding. As consumers become more observant than entrepreneurs, from fonts to color schemes, it is important to check the messages to create a brand personality.

Focus on differentiation

How to design a new brand identity for your business also signifies that entrepreneurs most often focus on the big picture and at times work heavily with the details. Branding is all about details. When choices are carefully observed and considered, the right impression comes along.


Branding and brand identity being one of the biggest factors for every business, it is important to make a note of identifying brands and steps in understanding and creating a brand identity. These factors become very important to work on brand identity in order to acquire recognition and reputation.

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