Integrated Cross-domain Business Functions of ServiceNow Application Development

ServiceNow Application Development

Integrated Cross-domain Business Functions of ServiceNow Application Development

Sometimes when crisis like Covid-19 arises, your business looks for alternative solutions, plans and even seeks help. Exactly, at this hour, ServiceNow platform is taking a way ahead steps to offer its help with ServiceNow applications and other workflows. As an unlimited source for all of your business functions that include IT, customers, employee and industry solutions, ServiceNow app engine emerges as a single collective solution.

This kind of lead support, probably no where else you would find when a situation like pandemic is likely to put you out of business.

Apparently, ServiceNow application ideas are extensively ready to expand their scope of workable features to fix, troubleshoot and streamline any halted functionalities. This is one of the reasons that it continues to lead as a technology and platform for businesses across the globe.

The add-ons to your business

If you have encountered any counter interests to not to use ServiceNow platform, this discussion is going to be a lot more interesting for you

Investing in ServiceNow application development can enable you achieve your business demands. Automating business processes across data, systems and people is simplified with ServiceNow Studio IDE developer.
ServiceNow PaaS (Platform as-a-service) rapidly in use for ServiceNow application development to meet the dynamic requirements of your business. Further the scope of integration and extending your apps is yet another benefit.

Known as world’s fastest growing software company, ServiceNow serves more than 4,000 customers that includes a stake of 40% of world’s fortune companies that are publicly traded.
Enabling digital transformation, ServiceNow drives as an effective tool to manage, automate and streamline.

In a time when customer experiences are quickly becoming central-focused, ServiceNow application scope expands with its powerful features of user-friendly, beautifully designed and clean interface that are most ideally served as self-service portals collectively internal vendors, employees and customers.
In this regard, ServiceNow’s CEO, John Donahoe, talking about his leadership style shared with Business Chief Magazine in 2018 “I’m at the bottom, working to make everyone else success, starting with our customers. Servant leadership demands constant listening and learning.”

Digital Transformation

The primary goal of your business is to lead, empower your customers, stay ahead of competitors and draw the benefit of trends. How can you achieve this? ServiceNow digital transformation is the main catalyst to deploy the innovation of ServiceNow app engine and ServiceNow custom application development.

In a study conducted, it was found that the following were achieved by organizations by using ServiceNow apps.

  • Accessed new enterprise apps for effective marketing capabilities
  • Repurposed 15% of IT service staff for higher value work
  • Achieved fast and more cost effective delivery of business solutions via citizen developers
  • Talent retention and developer satisfaction scores were doubled

Single cloud platform

Need business apps for digitizing workflows? ServiceNow sample applications allow you to test and review the results. Building apps was never so simple than with ServiceNow platform. Compatible to single mobile and web app development environment, you can quickly build business apps with limited or no coding experience. These in fact power digital transformation. The tools, drap and drop, templates and automated testing bring a whole new user experience on cloud platform.

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The Now platform

The one and only superior – The Now platform supports a wide variety of plug-and-play apps for ITSM, customer service, security operations, human resources, in a flexible and easy-to-use environment enabling business operations to quickly automate tasks and workflows.

It holds multiple advantages such as – mobile-first approach, IT governance and control, intelligent business apps, and finally no code development. There’s also no need of proprietary languages.

Key Highlights Of Servicenow Application Development

Popularly known as enterprise cloud company, ServiceNow defines a service model, structures and automates the workflow by removing email and spreadsheets. It replaces these manual transactions with a “light-speed” service experience for everyone in enterprise.

There are many advantages with the use of ServiceNow development. Especially, building any type of business apps across different domains that include –

  • Request management
  • Knowledge management
  • Project collaboration and management tools
  • Service-level management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Much more

With the integration of Service application development, a company can architect both server-side and client-side apps. The different types of ServiceNow custom application development modules are –

  • IT Service Management
  • IT Operations Management
  • IT Business Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • HR Services
  • Customer Service Management
  • Greater productivity is achieved in every stream of operations such as in – finance, IT, HR and finance functions.

Explaining ServiceNow app Performance

The redundance in work flows is most common hindrance that consumes not only time, but also slows down the process of working. The new ServiceNow application development integrated across IT,HR, and finance functions were automated that enabled both the new workers and HR teams have the benefit of greater productivity and the data consolidation took place at one point.

To share about a case study, a leading logistics provider C.H.Robinson used ServiceNow custom application development for automating manual processes for about 20,000 tickets per month. Thereby, their IT and support acquired access to new workload management tools saved nearly 2,800 hours per year.


Equinox CIO and IT leaders were in need of more comprehensive and real-time insights of their organization. To achieve, a new ServiceNow app was deployed and in a month’s time, the company’s SLA levels improved by 44% and further it also improved the automated reporting process for the IT teams.

As the case studies evidently prove, ServiceNow is not just an ITSM tool, but it’s a strategic cross-domain platform that an enhance a wide array of business functions.

It is also important note that the ServiceNow platform itself is developed using advanced standard-based technologies , making it much easier for ServiceNow application ideas to build apps and deploy new Software as a Service apps With ServiceNow application development being robust and agile, the features like popular coding languages, versatility, single codebase and single data model accelerate the enterprise development as much as 290% according to Gartner research.