Why ServiceNow App Engine is the Leading Low-Code No-Code Platform

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Why ServiceNow App Engine is the Leading Low-Code No-Code Platform

Servicenow consulting services notice the rise of low-code no-code platforms as it offers organizations enhanced and alternative approaches to speed up software development at lower costs while giving greater scope of easy to market.  These platforms help create upgrade apps with minimum programming efforts as against traditional software development processes which are likely to be slow and expensive. ServiceNow consulting companies enable businesses to utilize the benefits of digital transformation and they bring in a vast pool of opportunities to innovate and increase productivity. ServiceNow custom application development has the rising demand and ServiceNow App Engine is one of the most effective low code applications and as proved ServiceNow is the Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms. 

What is Low-code development?

Apps are much easier to work with, especially in the world of business. Apps are customer-based and their interest-based creating great convenience. Software development takes a lot of time in developing software solutions from the ground and it may takes months or sometimes years to plan, design and deploy. When things have to speed up and solutions are needed fast, waiting can be an overburden for developers and this is why businesses are more focusing on low-code development.

Low-code development is a new approach and this empowers developers to create some of the powerful software applications with minimized efforts in low-coding. Low-code development platforms heavily rely on graphical interfaces and configuration, while managing most of the consuming aspects and empowering developers to create easily and quickly.

ServiceNow professional services find low-code development as one of their strategic platforms which is why more than half of all medium-to-large enterprises prefer to use low-code development.  ServiceNow consulting companies also find it as accelerated development and this is a widely recognized advantage of low-code development.

ServiceNow consulting firms also confirm that nearly 90% of development time is cut down and developers can build more apps in less time.

ServiceNow custom application development is made much easier with low code as it streamlines the development process and this means developers are able to build more apps in less time while focusing on innovation and addressing needs instead of minute technical details.

ServiceNow application development finds low code no code more agile with additional benefits and these are – business agility. With markets experiencing change and as new opportunities arise, organizations are quickly creating and releasing new digital initiatives targeting the changing needs of their workforce and customers.

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ServiceNow development is perfectly lowcode no approach as ServiceNow App Engine developers can easily start off with a low code process with pre-built components to speed up the development process and can rapidly build desktop and mobile applications as well digitize and automate workflows. Increased speed, productivity, and agility are the top benefits of low code no approach and this applies to the quote “do not reinvent the wheel.”

Difference between Low-code vs no-code? 

The terms low-code and no-code are used interchangeably, but they are not the same. However, both the terms – low code and no-code solutions provide tools for simplified app development, and the differences are worth knowing. 

Whereas low-code platforms are aimed at professional developers and non-technical business users. They require very little experience and mostly use visual-based modeling to streamline the development process. 

No-code platforms do not require development experience, and it is designed specifically for developers and business users. No-code solutions open app development to everyone. 

Servicenow consulting services as a leading digital workflow company has been named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP).  ServiceNow is evaluated for its App Engine low-code solution configured on the Platform now. It has been recognized for its ability to execute, complete vision and it also validates the company’s leadership and investment in low-code application development.

It is also projected according to Gartner, by 2023, 50% of medium to large enterprises will adopt LCAP as one of their strategic application platforms.

When businesses are working to digitally transform to stay in business successfully, the Servicenow consulting services Engine allows citizen developers to deliver digital services faster and at scale without much complexity. The company’s approach to low-code allows to follow required governance and built-in reliability, security, data protection and scalability.