Top Trends in Android App Development 2021

Top Trends in Android App Development 2021

Android App Development With 85% of market share or more and with more than 3.04 million applications in Google Play store, Android smartphone users have access to do much what they want with their phone such as in using web browsers, apps, calendars, and more.  Users find Android OS and apps as not only robustly working, but you will never notice that they crash. android mobile apps development , is one of the leading companies in Android apps development and has successfully developed many applications for clients in India, U.S. and other countries for commercial, educational, entertainment and non-commercial purposes. 

The following are some of the Android App Development trends in 2021

#1. Instant Apps

Instant apps have been producing some of the big benefits in Android app development and due to the massive success Android has received, it is still advancing and maturing successfully and one of the biggest benefits that users find in Android instant apps, that users are permitted to try games or applications without installing them on their devices. They limit users from downloading the app and help them employ the web quickly without installing them.

#2. BlockChain Technology

Android App development service allows Blockchain technology with decentralized app development resolutions that boost clearness and even reduce unauthorized access and intermediates in employing strong security protocols. It comes as a complete Android app development option exclusively for financial sectors like banks, currency exchanges and more.

#3. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Android app development Company at Equinox IT SOL   offer wide range of cloud computing services to its clients with the help of AI models that offer more agile functions in their business operations boosting productivity up to 40%. 

#4. Multiplatform Development (Flutter)

In Android mobile app development services flutter is a new technology from Google and it is a prospect of Android app development. This framework allows app development to employ a native interface. Many developers choose this platform to build Android mobile apps development due to its combinability and compliance.

#5. Chatbots/Google Assistant

There’s a lot of advantage in connecting the services and content of Android applications with the Google Assistant in 2021.  One of the best proven advantages that was found is the integration that is more agile to users to use apps accurately in the Assistant.  Some of the critical functions within the app from the Google Assistant can also be deep-linked. 

#6. Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

APM and EMM are the two major components of Enterprise Mobile app development.  Best Android app development company is witnessing growth and assurance of quality for mobile apps and it also offers greater protection, safety of apps and also provides employees a richer data exchange over mobile devices. 

#7. Beacon Technology

Beacon technology in use to target clients and this helps businesses to send announcements about nearby hotels, special proposals to the gadgets.  Therefore Beacons are carrying gadgets.

#8. 5G Technology

5G Technology is fast and responsive. With the high radio frequency and with the speed of 100GBPS, 5G technology enables data transmission using 1.4 billion mobile gadgets globally and it is easy to produce richly featured app applying 5G technology to improve business accomplishment.

#9. Internet of Things (IoT)

Smartphones are now part of our natural life and there’s plenty of its use in our daily lives. Especially with the arrival of apps, smartphones have enhanced not only an easy lifestyle, but also enabled the launch of smartwatches, smartTVs and various wearables. Especially with decreased prices, smart gadgets are growing cost-effective for everyday use among households. It is expected that there will be 75.44 billion associated gadgets globally by 2025 and cost effectiveness is one of the leading operators of this android app development trend.

Conclusion :

Among Android app development trends, Android Jetpack is a comprehensive suite of tools, guidelines, and libraries that support Android app developers to build exceptional apps. There are four principal elements – UI, behavior, architecture and foundation.  As Android Jetpack makes app development more relaxed and quicker, it is listed as one of the most modern trends in Android app development. Android app development company in USA makes a note of top android development trends and pursues to work with clients developing cost effective and quality app development service.