Make Your Website About WordPress Design Services Accessible For All

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Make Your Website About WordPress Design Services Accessible For All

WordPress is the widely adopted tool for website creation but website accessibility is hardly paid attention to. It is something which is not always marked in to do list of a website because most the attention is paid to designing the website aesthetically. In this blog, we will be studying the necessity to make the WordPress Design Services for website accessible and how to do it.

Why WordPress Website Design Services Accessibility is a must?

To get an answer to this “Why”, let us commence with understanding the concept of website accessibility. Website Accessibility is a term used to describe design techniques which make the product accessible to users with disabilities and help them understand about the product.

Through this you can identify the importance of making your WordPress website Design Services accessible for all. Moreover, the ultimate motive of your website is to reach maximum users and converting them into your customers. So if you have accessible website which even a person with disability can understand, you are going the right way.

Now let’s divert to what makes a WordPress website accessible.

There are plenty of ideas available to help one in making their website accessible. Below we will be seeing some crucial key components which can improve WordPress website accessibility.

WP Accessibility Plug-in

Installing the WordPress Accessibility Plug-in can enable skipping the internal page links and reach the right content directly. This is highly effective for the people who use screen readers. It is also helpful to the visually impaired users in a way that they can change the font size, contrast and other suitable features of the website. It also removes the title attributes from images in content which are not always identified by the screen readers.

You can also use additional plug-ins like Access Keys to access the website easily, Easy Retweet plug-in to enable the physically challenged ones to share the content on twitter easily, WP Polls to help them do polling effectively by participating if you post any polls on your site.

Structure the headings in a right way

Headings for the content are very useful for the people who use screen readers to read the content online. It summarizes the entire content of the page and makes it easy for the user with disability to access and navigate on the website. Screen Reader users can access the content online by using shortcuts from keyboard like they can press letter H to go forwards and they can press Shift+H to go backwards.

Entitling the headings like h1, h2, h3 and so on simplifies the content for the challenged end users. Though there are flexibilities to put the headings in any order, it is recommended to put them in a sequence to avoid the fall of the reader’s flow of reading.

Image Alt Text

It is not possible for a screen reader user to identify a picture. Thus, adding text to the image or graphics can make it simple for the disabled people to understand the context behind the image. If you have been using ALT Text by stuffing lot of keywords into your site, then you must put a halt on this practice. This will only be a hindrance to the challenged end users in understanding the right concept behind the image.

Screen readers can only identify a picture if it is added with ALT Text. The purpose of Image ALT Text is to describe the appearance of the image on the website.

Text Alternatives

Having videos, animations and other multimedia stuff looks very appealing and mesmerizing to the end user. But what about the end users who are physically challenged? If they cannot see or understand the video and other multimedia stuff, you may lose them who can become your customers later. Therefore, you should introduce some alternatives to such videos. You can add some subtitles, transcripts.

This will be useful to the challenged audience as well as to the people who are at some public place and cannot play the video on loud volume.

Final Words

Implementing the above mentioned techniques can help you improve your WordPress website accessibility to the most as this already solves the issues which most of the audience complains of. To become the best service provider, as a business, you should keep in mind the accessibility of your website so that you can meet the needs of all your potential end users. Doing so will also make the people with disabilities confident of being able to excel in this era of digitization.

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