7 Reasons why WordPress Websites Get Hacked (and How to Prevent it)

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7 Reasons Why WordPress Websites Get Hacked

With over one billion websites already existing as of 2021, ensuring safety and security of your wordpress website is most crucial and WordPress development company takes every measure of scrutiny and filtering process to prevent spam, fraud and hacking activities on your website. Custom wordpress design service is not only expensive, but it is a time consuming activity that designers and developers spend a lot of time to design your website and it is absolutely technology skill and hard work to build your website. But when you think of hacking your website, you get questions like – what exactly is hacking and how does it harm my website? What does it do? 

The lexicon meaning of hacking is – the gaining of unauthorized access data in a system or a computer.

A study of data confirms that nearly 30,000 new websites are hacked every day and nearly 90% of all websites hacked in 2019 were running on WordPress. Hackers target WordPress and for this fact some even consider that WordPress is unsafe CMS.

It is also a fact that 1/3 rd of the web is powered by WordPress with WordPress development services.  

One of the questions that you may ask – What do hackers want and why do they target custom wordpress designs service? The answer is – Hackers do not target WordPress websites, they target websites with weak or low security.

The following are some of the reasons for WordPress websites to get hacked.

#1.Hackers Target Loopholes 

WordPress website Design Services ensure to safely and securely design your website with their WordPress development Company. However, when there are few vulnerabilities and loopholes in WordPress websites that make it much easier for the hacker to hack your website or multiple websites, most of the valuable information consisting of personal / company information, data, confidential and secure information, including business information gets into the control of the hacker. 

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This means, a hacker can download all of the valuable information from your website to his system without a further ado. 

#2.What do they want?

Hackers do not think of your website as a small business website. But they want your sensitive data. Their motive and goal is to infect your website with malware and earn revenue.

When this occurs, no custom WordPress Design Company is able to help you, but besides your reputation, finance, personal information, your most sensitive and valuable data is most and you will not be able to clean up your website after an attack. 

You also become unsure of further attacks on your website.

Other instances when hackers can get your website in the following instances:

3. Access to WordPress admin in an unprotected manner

4. Not having correct file permissions

5. When wordpress is not updated 

6. When plugins or themes are not updated

7. When using FTP instead of SFTP/SSH

8. Unsafe and unprotected access to wordpress admin

9. Not having secured wordpress configuration wp-config.php file

How to prevent your WordPress website from hacking?

#1.Go for secure web hosting

WordPress Development Company focuses on high security systems for Custom WordPress Design Service and this protects your website. It is also ideal to research prior to finalizing a web hosting provider.

#2.Use strong passwords

WordPress development services ensure to use password protected safety measures and this prevents the target hackers from attacking the websites.  Using various combinations of username and password WordPress development services, keep checking until they find a perfect combination of alphanumeric password, so that hackers will not be able to force their attacks.

There is definitely a risk of hacking if you have a weak password for your site. This requires the password to be complex and difficult to estimate. Having a strong password further enables encryption.

#3.Make double layer of security access to the WordPress admin area

WordPress website Design Services provide WordPress website admin panels can be accessed with the help of default /wp-admin or wp-login. Many of the website owners never change it and this makes it easier for hackers to land on your login page.

4. Get updated to the latest version of WordPress or Plugins

5. Avoid to download themes and plugins from unauthorized sources

6. Protect important files with CAPTCHA


Custom WordPress Development Agency can ensure using some of the best tools and resources that will protect your website against most common threats. It takes a lot of time for Custom WordPress Design Company to clean up hacked WordPress sites. Further protection can be availed against common threats.

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