WordPress vs Drupal – Which One Is Better In 2021?

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WordPress vs Drupal – Which One Is Better In 2021?

Did you get your website in WordPress or Drupal? With plenty of benefits aligned from the content management system (CMS), it allows updates and maintenance of your content. Wordpress development company

Adding content, site design elements, special pages and blog posts is so much easier.

Now as every small business has their startup story on their WordPress site, business owners are quite excited and inspired to see beautiful designs, templates and so much that happens on a WordPress site.

WordPress development company does a very good job of designing your website in your best interest, how you want it to be and what are the features to be added, the content and the design etc.,

WordPress design services being a skilled job, it requires an in-depth understanding of how a WordPress website looks and how it suits the category of your business.

There are hundreds of WordPress free themes and templates available and these are being facilitated for bringing the best appeal and look are some of the best advantages of using WordPress.

Custom wordpress design service being a very popular service, there are millions of websites and more getting added everyday due to the benefits being offered by WordPress.

Apart from WordPress website design services, you will also see another popular CMS and that is Drupal. 

Drupal offers a great flexibility in creating websites. Web developers appreciate the Drupal features as compared to WordPress.

To get a quick view of WordPress vs Drupal, first let us see the best features of both WordPress and Drupal

WordPress Drupal
Free to use Free to use 
Highly in demand and popular in use Very easy to understand CMS 
Wide range of themes and plugins  Variety of visual themes 

What are the disadvantages of WordPress and Drupal? Let us see here.

WordPress Drupal
Regular updates are a must Only Technical users can work on it 
Invites the attention of hackers Adding modules and themes is not easy 
Updates are difficult to do 
Coding knowledge is necessary to add posts 

WordPress development services are also very affordable to create both static and dynamic websites. WordPress is also a popular blogging platform and as new content keeps getting posted, home page promotion becomes easy for generating sales.

Custom wordpress development company offers not only expert services, but most importantly they have the professional understanding of the look of a website and that is how they are able to edit, add, modify and make alterations during the website design.

Some of the WordPress web development services agencies offer not just WordPress services but also Drupal as well.  Because, both are open source projects that can be downloaded and installed for free on the server.

But Drupal does not have the same popularity as WordPress. 

There are many prominent WordPress sites include – Techcrunch, BBC America and many others. 

With a market share of 3% Drupal powers some of the big organization websites like – World Economic Forum, Government of Australia,  The Economist etc., 

Written in PHP script Drupal allows you to add, publish and remove content from your website.

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Compared to WordPress, running with Drupal appears to be not an easy task, although it is possible to install Drupal through most web hosts. 

However, Drupal’s CMS is very easy to use as compared to WordPress. To add a new blog post, simply click on Content>Add Content>Article. 


You wish to know which one to choose and how do you decide? Well, it depends on your requirements. The needs of your business, website operations, products, the panel, dashboard and almost every piece of component that you arrange on the website decides what your business is all about and how it speaks to your target audience. Remember, it is always your audience who decide what they feel on your website and how it is helping them to achieve benefits.

Finally we can say that Drupal is nice, but the major advantage goes to WordPress. Apart from being very easy to set up, web hosts know exactly what to do.  True that Drupal has some nice elements in its CMS, but finally WordPress leads all.