How To Select The Right Technology Stack For Web Application Development

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How To Select The Right Technology Stack For Web Application Development

Web application development services professionally work with single-page web app as it offers highly impressive and secure web experience. They find SPAs as more responsive with cross-browsing compatibility and they even live up to the high expectations with agility and performance.  According to Gartner, Progressive Web Applications are more responsive and it is likely that these will replace more than 50% of existing mobile apps in the near future. Mobile-enabled progressive web apps are aligned with Google’s definition of ‘progressiveness’ making them fast even to work on 2G networks, offline available and easily installable on a user’s home screen.

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Choosing the right technology stack is necessary to build a successful web app and for this cause, developing a software product also requires a flexible UX and a good UI. It is also necessary to earn more profits and this is where exactly the right technology stack seems very useful. As an entrepreneur, if you are finding it difficult to explain about your business concept, by choosing the right technology stack, you can explain about your business, products, pricing model, marketing strategies etc., Web application development company takes care of choosing the right technology stack for your business.

Components of Technology Stack

To explain and understand about technology stack components, they consist of frameworks, tools, technologies, software development and programming languages. Further, there is also a requirement of a database, backend and a frontend. Collectively, these layers form a technology stack.
Without downloading the app to a device, a web application can easily be accessed from a server through a website on a device. Basically, a web app’s infrastructure needs to  have – a web server, caching system and a database. 

# 1.Web server

A website server takes care of some of the important and essential processes and responds to the user requests in the form of an HTML message. Some of the well-known web servers are:

  • IIS
  • Apache HTTP server

# 2.Caching System

Caching system eliminates server lag and allows the database to overcome heavy loads when there is high traffic by delivering earlier used and accessed information. Web applications move on a slow-pace and deliver bad website performance, without a caching system. 

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# 3.Database

Best web application development company ensures to work on another  component of stack technology and that is databases. Database does the work of searching, filtering, and presenting the data in a web app depending on user requests that came through a website browser. Databases can make several calculations and these are of two types.

  • Relational : MySQL, PregreSQL
  • Non-Relational: MongoDB, Apache Cassandra

Basic components of a web app’s structure 

(a) Frontend

The frontend or the client-side Programming includes – all that a user can see and it helps in interacting with the app via the actual presentation layer.

Major components of frontend are:

  • AJAX
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML

#2. Backend

The server side programming or also called as the backend, takes care of the way in which a site functions from behind. 

The goal of the backend technology is to enable communication between the server-side and the client-side along with every component in the backend.

The following are some of the well-known programming languages and their frameworks.

  • PHP – Larvel, CodeIgniter
  • Python – Django, Flask, Pylons
  • Golang – Gin Gonic, Beego, Martini
  • Ruby – Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript – Nest.js, Meteor.js, Express.js

At a time when components of frontend and backend are integrated, it is the tech stack.

Choosing the right stack technology

Apps are built on technology and the type of app you build leaves an impact on the technology you make a choice, which is why technology stack components need a specific criteria.

Best web application development company ensures to use technologies in various combinations and chooses the frameworks after you have decided on the programming language. With the basic knowledge of what consists in a web app and what every tech stack component’s responsibility is, the following are some of the criteria-based requirements to choose the right stack technology based on which web apps are built.

1. Difficulty and the Type of the Web Application

2. Size of the project

3. Security

4. Time to market

5. Scalability

6. Bug Testing

7. Web app development cost

8. Maintenance

9. Developer community & documentation

10. Licenses 

Conclusion :

It is quite apparent that it is important to use the right technology stack and it comes as a challenge. It is important to pick as per the project requirements.