5 Steps To Migrating Your WordPress Site

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5 Steps To Migrating Your WordPress Site

With exceedingly good growth in WordPress sites above its current occupancy of 32% of all websites on the Internet today, more startups and business launches are opting for WordPress development services for its long-term benefits. WordPress continues to be primary-centered Content Management System (CMS). WordPress web development company takes up the process of migration and implements it quite successfully to enable you to acquire the benefits of Internet’s leading website platform for your business. WordPress is proven to be a safe and secured source and host for launching any kind of domain and run it for smooth functioning. Further this is considered to be the most user-friendly with easy-to-navigate features.

But let’s say, until now you have been using another platform such as Blogger, TypePad and movable type, and plan to migrate your website or blog to wordpress. How would you do it? Let’s find out.

#1. Plan to Move

WordPress website development services will go by a plan to migrate. Step-wise migration is done moving content, links, themes, layout, images, videos and much more. If RSS feed is available on the platform you can easily migrate to WordPress.org platform and this provides a quick way to install plugins to enable easy import of content.

Custom WordPress Development Company does the task of migration methodically when the source website is powered by CMS platform and the convenience of WordPress plugin assist in the migration process. There are nearly 53 migration tutorials to import content from different content management solutions, blogging platforms and other sources.  However, you need to ensure that the CMS is listed in the WordPress codex and when it is available, following the migration steps completes the process, otherwise, we may have to manually migrate the website.

Manual migration gives greater control over your website content, so you can check every post, page, tags etc., It also gives an indepth understanding of WordPress features, functions and practical experience of navigation.

#2. WordPress posts & pages

WordPress stores content in the form of posts and pages and stores them in the form of categories and tags. Therefore, the goal of reorganizing content would be to structure it in the form of posts, pages and categorize them into tags and categories.

For example, if your current CMS is Blogger, then you can take the best plan to reorganize your blogger content in order to meet WordPress’s site structure and install plugins wherever required.

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#3. Give More Scope for Clarity

Since the aim of migration of WordPress web development services is to clearly organize your content, take time to identify the posts and pages in your current website. Maintain a notepad of each post, category preferably for executing the migration plan effectively. Assign tags and categorize them clearly.

For example, if your source site is about home-made quilts, you need to showcase quilting menu. This includes – about us, different models of quilts, shopping cart, videos, promotions, announcements, blog etc., This would qualify as a WordPress post.

#4. New Site Structure

When it comes to the domain part, you should install WordPress site in the same domain as this would enable to the retain the current SEO score. If you plan to use WordPress as a blogging platform, you may have to install WordPress in a different folder as done by WordPress development services Dallas. For domains and subdomains, WordPress web development company installs WordPress in root directory.

WordPress web development company also works on the features of shopping cart, theme, template, backup, security and any other additional requirements you may have in the process of migration.

#5. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important areas of WordPress web design services. With Yoast plugin, you can easily avail the benefits of WordPress SEO and draw the benefits of search engine ranking and indexing. The feature of meta description and keywords guide you through the process.

Conclusion :

Custom wordpress development company Equinox IT SOL is one of the best reputed source for choosing WordPress web development services. With skilled technical staff who have done number of projects in WordPress have a thorough and indepth working knowledge in WordPress and fully conversant with advanced features to implement. From startups to large business websites, Equinox IT SOL recommends WordPress migration and executes it successfully.