Six Latest PHP Trends Which Will Benefit Your Business Website In Future

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Six Latest PHP Trends Which Will Benefit Your Business Website In Future

Though PHP development services occupying over 50% of world’s websites, this year 2020 has brought in lot of changes to the way Custom PHP development services are now being offered, where IT employees are working from home developing home pages,¬† landing pages, web pages and much more.PHP development company at EquinoxITSOL has been working 24/7 during this lockdown period to ensure that our clients receive

Ever since PHP version 7 is released, there has been a growing demand and improvement, and is now in use by many branded companies. When we talk about 2020, from the perspective of PHP development company at Equinoxitsol, there have been new trends and changes and let’s find out what are those new trends.

1. Building web apps

Did you know that businesses are investing in cloud infrastructure and for thus reason especially integrated  PHP into cloud to build web apps? It was also found in the recent survey that 78.9% of websites are using server-side progamming language and Cloud to achieve the benefits of both PHP and cloud technologies. This is appearing as the best active approach for a cost effective, flexible and scalable web solution.

2. PHP web development UI Trends

With smartphones being in use massively and as users browsers shop at Amazon, check Facebook updates and tweet on Twitter, there is a new convenient way for the user to achieve best user experience by making websites more responsive. Keeping this in view, PHP development services company is now using popular PHP frameworks for website development that include such Codeigniter, CakePHP and Symfony.

With absolute growing demand for infographics,  online presentations, 3D images, banners and 3D effects, users have been engaging with the websites greatly.

3. The trend of PHP web development tools and IoT

As Custom PHP development company we have noticed that PHP development tools are very distinct technologies and if we take IoT, we need a virtual structure of three distinct layers to improve the coding structure. PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony and Codeigniter are better with IoT development requirements that bring out the best solution as possible.

PHP services in USA as described PHP development and IoT comes as the best support for app developers creating new ways to explore the digital world. The PHP 7 allows web developers to access PHP code to perform multiple tasks. Further, hiring a PHP developer makes it much more easier to achieve the best results.

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4. Cyber security PHP

Custom PHP development services also bring in PHP development tools that improve cybersecurity solutions to secure your website and web applications. This is due to the fact that the traffic on shopping websites has been building rapidly and the shopping trends have also changed with various payment gateways that came into effect. The wallet of mobile payments has made shopping much easier. With the help of PHP framework such as Phalcon which is a well-documented PHP framework for asset management and caching, you can add the best encryption features to your website.

5. Smart Chatbot with PHP

PHP development company at EquinoxITSOL creates PHP chatbots as these are very easy to use. This is considered as the best as PHP is an open-source language and this is very easy to use for developers.

PHP application development company considers that PHP is an innovative tool to create the best chatbot for a website in less time and this is of great benefit for building conversations.

6. Popular Frameworks

PHP development services company found another popular trend and that is PHP Frameworks. These are widely in use by developers. In 2020, Laravel has gained excellent recognition as PHP Framework PHP services in USA as it helps developers to give special emphasis on fundamentals.

Codeigniter is also another set of library with tools and components and it helps in building web app quickly.

Some of the other reputed Frameworks are – CakePHP, Yii, which offer excellent set if libraries and helpful components.


PHP development services  have proved to be more effective and highly profitable with these sex emerging PHP trends in 2020 and these have enhanced web presence for businesses to ensure to stay updated with advancements and technology changes to stay upfront and successful.