Five Ecommerce Development Trends For Businesses in 2020

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Five Ecommerce Development Trends for Businesses in 2020

The year 2020 has brought lock-down period and Covid-19 leaving a major negative impact of the lifestyle, work-life, business and it has even laid a bigger impact on the babyboomers. Covid-19 pandemic has altered the way of our lives and made us strictly to follow the three Ws – Wear a mask, watch social distance and wash hands.  Living in Internet technology and eCommerce era, we cannot surely do without eCommerce website development services. We need to keep a.pace with our eCommerce business and find some of the best options to forward our businesses. We have just entered a new decade and certainly, eCommerce is the future with many changes getting transformed the way we shop online for our needs.

In 2019, ecommerce market recorded sales of $3.5 trillion according to data from Statista and it represented 14% of share out of global retail sales.

This is the best time and opportunity if you wish to launch a business in   Ecommerce development services and as predictions indicate, there’s going to be $4.2 trillion ecommerce sales which would be 16% of total retail sales by the end 2020.

Consider globally developed and developing economies or third world countries – U.S., China, India, U.K, Europe, Asia and others, there’s massive scope for growth in Custom ecommerce development services.

As SME market continues to expand, there’s potential growth for Ecommerce website development in USA and across every country. Now, you may have a question, what do I got to do with this? How will my business benefit for the rest of 2020, especially during this pandemic period?

Did you know there are new ecommerce trends emerging leading you to explore more new innovative ways to market,  advertise, promote and sell your goods online.

Let’s discuss about the top five ecommerce trends that boost your business for upcoming quarter period of 2020. The technology continues to emerge eCommerce website development services .

1. Augmented Reality improving online shopping

Have you tried Lenskart website ti buy a new pair of spectacles? The website works with new augmented reality. You can virtually test a new frame before buying it. Isn’t it a wonderful experience? Similarly, clothing, footwear, jewelry, or get a 3D view of a new home and everything else. Seeing things much closer and getting a virtual experience in the new augmented reality before you go and hit thr buy now button. Such is the new Ecommerce website development in USA.

2. Audience Work With Voice Search

Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant offers excellent voice search help from weather reports to finding products online.  Not only you save time as you do your office works, but you access quick information to speed up to-do lists and avoid spending more time on browsing, searching and clicking etc. You shop without touching the screen and Ecommerce development company offers excellent services.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps shoppers

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning has contributed to the success of online shopping by offering product recommendations and personalized guidance to the shopping needs and it further helped retailers to understand their segment of audience, thereby expanding the scope of customer service. AI AI helps businesses to learn about their customers and supply them with personalized experiences they are demanding.

4. Big Data Creates Personalized Experiences

Personal data, privacy, safety and security being a major concern for consumers, personalization will continue to be an essential factor and in this status, Big Data brings in – Internet of Things (IoT),  suggestions, recommendations on search engines, shopping platforms etc. In many ways, these personalized experiences have an impact on marketers how they are able to reach new users. Ecommerce development company offers such trendy new services.

5. Mobile Shopping is on the Rise

Did you know – 73% of ecommerce sales were done on mobile devices. App downloads, mobile wallet payments, and website shopping proceed to checkout were found to be easy to buy products, make payments, shop online, browse for goods etc.

China plays a vital role in online payment with WeChat and Alipay and it has over 1 billion users.

Ecommerce giant companies like Amazon, Walmart offer better online shopping experiences with easy checkout, multiple payment options and even financing options.


With many more trends emerging, Ecommerce website development services are certainly taking a new wave of doing business with emerging technology changes and it is likely that from micro to small, medium and big businesses definitely draw the benefit and prove the value of working with technology.