What Is The Best Framework For PHP Web Development?

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What Is The Best Framework For PHP Web Development?

Are you interested in PHP?  PHP is big and popular. It has sweeped business market by a volume and continues to do so. While there are many other efficient web development softwares like – HTML, CSS and JavaScript, PHP is leading and currently trending as the best choice for many startups and existing businesses for maintaining their website. PHP application development company.

PHP web development – PHP or hypertext preprocessor is a general-purpose programming language. It was designed for web development. 

As a highly reliable web application, the open-source PHP helps in creating powerful web applications. 

The top benefits of Open Source, Scalability, Speed and Security,  cost efficient and custom development are keeping PHP development services company to continue to help clients to work with PHP development USA.

PHP is in use by 79% of all websites and it is eight times more popular than ASP.NET.

Recognized globally as a free content management system, WordPress is written in PHP and is widely in use by 40% of websites on the Internet. 

Websites like 



Etsy and 

Slack have PHP at the backend

Now you know why PHP continues to lead as a popular and in-demand web development software.

Over a period of time, PHP has advanced in many ways. As a scripting language, PHP has received many new updates with its versions. PHP application development company.

The high interactive features, perfect HTML and seamless database integration has proved to be a great advantage for many web servers and as a web programming language. 

To make it extremely fast and productive, PHP frameworks have been added and these are very powerful in developing versatile web apps.

There are a variety of PHP frameworks to develop different kinds of web applications and they deliver fast and intuitive experiences.

With plenty of customization, PHP application development company. frameworks are also proving to be a valuable source. 

A guide to popular PHP frameworks for beginners

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What is the best PHP framework for web development? Why?

The following is a brief guide to popular PHP frameworks for beginners.

1. Laravel

What is the best PHP framework for web development? Why?

Recognized as popular PHP frameworks, it has the attention of many developers. With excellent features of easy authentication, migrations support, good routing and blade templating engine, the syntax makes Laravel a very helpful Framework.

Released in 2011, Laravel has gained recognition as the best PHP framework. With over a million installations and hundreds of contributors, Laravel is based on MVC (Model-view controller) architecture and has its own templating language called Blade. It allows the creation of easy HTML layouts and also has an ORM (Object Relational Mapper) that is easy to understand and use.

Top Benefits with Laravel

  • It gives a good start for beginners.
  • The syntax is easy to understand with no prior experience
  • Can be easily deployed to AWS and other cloud providers like Laravel Forge and Laravel Envoyer.
  • Install a huge variety of packages and applications and add new features.
  • Works very well on advanced applications robust and secure.

2. Symfony

Flexible, scalable and powerful for MVC applications. There are plenty of reusable PHP components used for security, templating, translation, validator and much more. 

3. CodeIgniter

This is a free PHP framework with excellent documentation. There are many features available for error handling, reliable security and encryption. 

4. CakePHP

As a simple PHP framework, this is a good choice as it comes with a support of PHP version 4 and above and it is also very fast and flexible. The feature of integrated CRUD comes as a useful feature for database interactions.

5. Laminas Project

Highly scalable and fully-featured object-oriented PHP framework, Laminas is very popular.

6. Phalcon

Phalcon framework runs very fast and it has the fastest time request and lowest memory usage. 

7. Slim

Works as a lightweight Micro-framework for PHP and it focuses on all http methods. 

8. Yii

As a modern PHP framework, Yii has a bundle of features. Besides being powerful, it is also highly extensible and allows you to customize all the essential features.

9. Fat-Free

Built as strong and easy, Fat-Free PHP Framework was developed in 2009 and rated high for its benefits.

10. Kohana

Works with HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller) and it is built with PHP OOP and this means, you receive all the advantages that include – visibility, protection, abstracts, automatic class loading, overloading, and singletons.  To use Kohana, you need a PHP version of 5 or higher.

11. FuelPHP

Written in PHP 5.3, FuelPHP uses a Cascading File System with the benefit of Kohana. This is a flexible, modular and extensible framework.

12. Flight

Extensible PHP micro-framework and works well with web applications. Ideal for new users, Flight supports routing, errors, JSON and much more. But this is not recommended for big web application projects.  To use Flight, you need PHP 5.3 or higher.

13. PHP-Mini

PHP Mini is lightweight and very ideal to work with PHP framework for mini projects and prototypes. Comes as a clean code with easy understanding.  CRUD demo action avoids any hassles and the code is written in PHP. No need for any additional framework.

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14. Simple PHP Framework

Simple Framework is a personal project of Tyler Hall. He has done many projects using this library and this can bootstrap your project with user authentication, database calls, RSS feeds available on the code. 

15. Zikula

Zikula is a free open source PHP framework and it is based on Symfony and Doctrine. Used for small, enterprise and personal projects, it is fully integrated with the popular Bootstrap 3 framework and Font Awesome 4 which brings flexibility, WYSIWYG editors, ModuleStudio, document creator, galleries and much more.

Custom PHP development company works with selective and rewarding PHP frameworks as per the business requirements.