How To Use Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin To Drive More Traffic

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How To Use Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin To Drive More Traffic

Heard of Google web stories?  It is a new WordPress plugin. It allows you to personalize your website’s stories. WordPress design services is a website creation tool that powers more than 38 percent of the web.

How?  That is these web stories come up in full-screen, with features to tap pages with large text and links. It also accommodates 15 short-films. 

You’ll be able to interact with visual storytelling for your website.  What’s the benefit of this? You know the audience love stories. Anything that entertains, adds humor, awareness, learning, information or that is absolutely useful. 

This WordPress Plugin (GWS) allows you to increase traffic to your site and Google likes this WP plugin.  Recently, WordPress development company began to use this new plugin in their WordPress design services.

How does it benefit?  When GWS is combined with your site, it gives better scope to get top ranked in Google Search Results pages and apart from that, your site also appears in Google pictures, Google Apps etc. 

Now you agree how traffic with wordpress plugins are more favorably accepted and it works. But how to work on using Google Web Stories (GWS) Plugin?

Let’s find out.

Web Stories are Free

Did you know  that WordPress website design services have access to Web stories for free? It allows you to construct visual stories easily and further adding features of interactions and beautiful animations, high-quality full-screen experiences, that inspire readers?

There’s also another secret that you should know and that is GWS is a unique collection of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and it takes up to 10 words to create each page of the web stories. The recommended page length is 4 to 30 pages. This allows publishers to monetize Google Ad Manager and Google DV360 by using Beta version of connected associations.

How does the target audience find it?

After understanding  What is web stories are and how they function, it is time to know how they are received by the target audience and what they want from them.

They receive a good grasp of the information and Google quickly gets a view about the audience of GWS. It’s like people waiting in line to get their meal at a restaurant.

These are called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which refer to the size and layout of a magazine viewed on a mobile device. 

The main consent consists of a 15-second video with title, topics and a link to the view full story which is arranged as photographs with captions.

Isn’t it interesting?

It can also be understood as a short clip of a video what you see on Facebook and Instagram. Similar to the sharing of a story.

However, share your story feature disappears in a short span of time on Instagram and Facebook, whereas the GWS WordPress plugin stays as long as you want it.

Benefits of Web Stories

WordPress plugins work great and these are very useful for your website in many ways. In the past we have how SEO Yoast, Rank Math, JetPack, WooCommerce, Wordfence Security, UpdraftPlus, Duplicator, ReallySimple SSL, WP Fastest Cache have proved to be valuable in different ways working for a specific purpose.

Now with the launch of Google Web Stories, advertisers are now searching for new online story format.

Let’s find out its benefits.

Google web story is a new strategy to appeal to mobile customers to drive traffic to their sites. Because, the most important purpose of this plugin is to drive traffic and this is a requirement.

Stories are very impressive and when these are facilitated online on WordPress blogs with perfect design and content and when you integrate the extension with WordPress website, it works successfully.

  • Create simple stories
  • Web stories are made with templates, UI controls and components adding so much follow-up content.
  • Web stories are very moving as they entertain and engage the audience.
  • Very creative
  • Web stories allow publishers to monetize their content.
  • Advertisers use stories to reach specific audiences through a customized storytelling experience.

Custom WordPress design service allows you to work on creative Google web stories. How to enable Web stories?

The Process

Click to know more about how to create GWS Enable Web Stories on Google | Google Search Central

Watch this video as well to get a clear view on web stories. (1) Getting started with Web Stories | Search Central Lightning Talks – YouTube

Watch some examples of Web Stories

Fashion design

Burger sisters in Kenya

Okay Now, how to embed GWS as WordPress Plugin

Now you know the purpose of Google’s web stories WordPress Plugin extension is to enable the publishers to take the benefit of plugin format to increase traffic.

Google says the audience easily consumes the content with web stories.

Videos under 15 seconds with long and feature subtitles.  They must be shot in portrait mode instead of landscape.

This makes it easier to view the full-screen image on portable devices.

  • Include captions for the videos for the users to understand them
  • Remember, users are both watching the screen as well comfortable listening the content at the same time.
  • If you have long-form text, attach a link.
  • Add interesting captions to the videos

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Download the GWS WordPress plugin

You can easily download the Web Stories for WordPress – Download the free WordPress plugin.

Although it does not have all the features, and has few bugs, you can create a test site and check your experience with the plugin. 

Available as a free version, the final version will include improved features like bug corrections, stabilization and other page linkages. 


  • Download the plugin from the Stories GitHug Page
  • Go to WordPress and click on Add new Plugin
  • To upload the plugin, click the button
  • Choose a file from your laptop and press “Install”

Activate your Google web stories WordPress Plugin (GWS) as you have successfully installed the plugin.

The more creatively you work with GWS, the better are the results. Additionally, you need to ensure that the quality of the videos is of top quality and these are in portrait mode. Certainly, you will achieve good results with the GWS. Results such as high quality traffic, clicks to your website, views and engagement and much more is successfully achieved.