A Step By Step Guide To The Website Development Process

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A Step By Step Guide To The Website Development Process

Your small business is safely secure with your new website. Have you already worked on that? If not, 2021 brings greater opportunities to work with PHP development company Dallas, Texas who are professional website developers. 

That beautiful colors, fonts, images, and content is going to capture the interest of your target audience. Did you know only 64% of small business owners have their business website? 

But you would surely agree that with the advent of Internet technology, SMEs have benefited on a large scale to successfully perform their businesses. While many advantages take the side of owning a website, you can allocate your budget from minimum to maximum depending on the platform you choose to design your website.

Online presence being mighty and powerful, you would never let go of this opportunity to opt for Dallas web application development. 

So how to build a website? What are the steps involved in it?

Php web Application Development Company Dallas has worked on websites building excellent identity and brand for targeted audiences.  Having a good design of a website brings a long-standing and permanent digital entity.

Many ongoing businesses are of the opinion that a website not only organizes a business but it also helps in advertising, marketing and branding. They build credibility, reliability and a definite path to reach an audience with an appeal. Rich-featured and fast loading websites perform really well. 

Planning, understanding the basic objective and purpose of your business, it helps in acquiring good knowledge and collecting the required sources to design a website.

Top developer in Dallas, Texas, are able to answer all your questions in respect of designing your business website and this includes the type of industry, categories, types of websites, platforms and technologies used in designing a website and many other technicalities. 

Some of the top questions from leading PHP web development company that come up prior to the stage of web design are:

  1. What’s your business?
  2. Is it an e-commerce portal or a service portal?
  3. Who are your target audience?
  4. Is it B2B or B2C or any other?
  5. Are you aiming at a local, regional or global audience?
  6. What are the demographics?
  7. Are there any language barriers that necessitate transcribing your website language?
  8. What is the budget?
  9. Do you want a simple static website or a dynamic website?
  10. Other technicalities like adding – inventory, CRM software, Chatbot etc., 

After retrieving the above data and information, leading PHP web development company will enable you to interact with a team of developers, to let them know whether you are looking for a static website or a dynamic website. 

How to understand a static website?

This type of website does not indulge in frequent changes in your webpages. If you wish to change anything in the content, you would need to make manual changes in the code and then send your pages to the server.

Developers use script languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create Static websites. Such websites load faster than Dynamic websites in most cases and also require less budget and time in development.

PHP development company explains a static website as – this type of website does not allow you to make frequent changes in your webpages.

If you wish to make changes to the content, you are required to make changes to the code and send your pages to the server. 

Developers use script languages – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design static websites. Such websites most often load faster than dynamic websites. 

They also require less budget and time in development.

PHP application development company explains dynamic websites as – this model of websites require fast adoption of changes through the server. More unique pages are generated every time the webpage loads. 

Developers use server-side languages. These include PHP, Node.js, Ruby and Python.

Content Management System (CMS) plays a vital role in building dynamic websites. Some of the CMS compatible web designing platforms are – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, Concrete5, Sitecore, Conteful, Umbraco, Sitefinity, Kentico, Magnolia, Hubspot CMS, Grav, Typo3.

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What are the steps involved in web design and how these are followed by a PHP development company.

Get a firm understanding on the needs of a business

Understanding the needs of your business is most important for offering PHP development services. 

As your website needs to be completely audience-driven, it is essential to first understand who your audience are and what are the services offered by your business.

Wireframe your website

Wireframes are like web design sketches. They help in keeping the components perfectly in its place and following the wireframes makes an easy job for PHP application development companies to take the help of wireframes.

Create a Prototype

Creating a prototype gives a unique perspective to your business website and it is clearly essential to add each element in a unique perspective.

Design your website

This process of designing your website comes to final stage here as various CMS platforms features are utilized such as – adding images, menu bar, content, font selection, colors and such other elements to bring an appeal to a website are added here.

Create a backend

Creating a backend gives an opportunity to find out results, reviews, feedback and audience engagement on your website is done here. 


Testing of a website is about checking its compatibility with laptops, mobiles and the loading speed on screen etcAdditionally, the arrangement of content is also ensured that it is accurately organized.

Domain Name Registration

Domain name is how a website takes its name beside www and https with an extension of .com, .org., .net, or such other. 

Hosting or deploy on a server

Hosting is where your website gets stored on a server. While some offer free hosting, others come for a premium fee. 


After completing all of the above steps, your website is launched.


PHP application development company has high-end potential capabilities to design websites giving plenty of scope for creativity, innovation, planning, strategies and much more.  Thus, web design comes live online with professional PHP development company Dallas efforts and technology and web design skills applied in an apt manner. 

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