How To Make Your Business Logo With 5 Popular Free Logo Makers

How To Make Your Business Logo With 5 Popular Free Logo Makers

How To Make Your Business Logo With 5 Popular Free Logo Makers

Logos add to reputation and branding. Small or micro units, logo is a must.  Web development company With the growth in the small business sector, the demand and need for logos has increased rapidly and it continues to grow.

It is also an important fact to note that the amount of time spent designing logos has increased substantially thereby increasing the available logo design software.

Let’s check some of the quick facts on logo design. 

  • 33% of the top 100 brands use the colour blue in their logo.
  • 2-3 colours are most commonly in use to create brand logo designs
  • 80% increase in brand recognition with a colored logo design 
  • Testing a logo is recommended on a scale of 10-100 percent
  • 84% of B2B marketers trust that brand awareness is a major objective for their business
  • Companies with poor brand of logo pay 10% more on salaries
  • 59% of shoppers prefer to buy from recognizable brands
  • The trademark of a logo lasts for 10 years
  • It takes 10 seconds for customers to arrive at an opinion of a brand
  • The 5 most successful logos of 2020 are Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung
  • 60% of Millennials expect a good branding experience
  • More than half of small businesses design logo on their own 

Popular Free Logo Makers are:

Wix Logo Maker

AI-powered and absolutely user-friendly Wix Logo Maker is a preferred choice of web development company. Popularly known as the best free logo maker – create a unique logo for your business that recognizes and adds reputation to your brand. 

Tailor Brands

With attractive templates and great icon selection, tailor brands is recognized as one of the Best free logo makers in 2021. 

It users AI technology to power logo designs. The start wizard asks you questions like – your brand, industry, preferences etc., 

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After completing the quiz, you can design your logo easily.

Web development company find it as a great convenience with alternative options so you can choose your preferred colours, logos, fonts and customise your logo.


Having beautiful Templates with excellent Preset Options, the AI-powered Looka allows you to select up to five specific icons you prefer to use during the startup process.

Canva Logo Maker 

With excellent templates and with a feature to upload your own images, Canva offers hundreds of logo templates, which are very helpful in logo design.

How to make your business logo? Choose Canva. It is one of the popular choices of many web development company.

If you are checking for free brand logo tools for your company, Canva is your choice.

Offering both free and paid templates for social media images, flyers, invitations, business cards and more, you will find impressive templates that come in a large variety of free and paid logo options.

If you start with free templates, you can change the text, colours, fonts and many others that match with your brand. 

With customised features in font selection, colours and other elements, these are drag and drop features, and after completing design, you can download your design as a PNG, JPG or PDF.

Additionally, you can create letterheads, business cards, and many others using your free logo.

Using a bit of creativity, you can give a professional and unique touch to your logo at no extra cost. 

Free Logo Design

To choose from 20 different categories, free logo design gives a cost-free logo. Just type in your name and you can view thousands of free logo templates.

You can make your custom changes in colour, shape, font and download your design free. 

Recognized as popular free logo makers, you can also download a high-resolution version of your logo for $59.


Zyro is a free logo maker that allows you to make your logo designs easily. Without creating an account, you can easily get started. With thousands of options, that also include keyword, shape and tagline, you can custom-design your logo with the colours, font and size of the words. You can download the PNG design and use it anywhere from website to your business card.


GraphicSprings features a wide variety of templates to choose from multiple categories. You can enter your business name and tagline, choose the image category, pick your logo and edit it.

You also have filter options to design new and popular logos.

With a little bit of freedom to design creatively, using shapes, symbols and other, you can give a decorative touch. 


Free brand logo tools for your company are not only valuable, but they save your costs. With the benefit of free logo makers, startups can save their spending while accessing some of the best logo designs for their businesses. Web development company works on various categories and niches of business and thus it requires to work on different models of logos. The best free logo maker – create a unique logo – allows to take the benefit of these free five logo makers and allows the logo designs of various brands. 

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