Top 10 Web Development Stack Trends For Startups

Trends for startups in 2021

Top 10 Web Development Stack Trends For Startups

What are the hottest web tech Trends for startups in 2021? Any guesses?

When we watch daily life, we are coming across many changes. Particularly, technology has brought in many new experiences when you talk about smartphones, Internet marketing, online shopping, product search and so much more.

Technology has brought a seep of change in the lives of many and it continues to make a big shift. 

What about artificial intelligence and IoT that have been the current technology stack in 2021.

In fact, these have been the trends for startups in 2021. 

How to understand these technology trends and how impactful are these new technologies.

Let’s take a bigger view and discuss.

Artificial Intelligence 

With new trends in the year 2021, artificial intelligence (AI) is among top trends. The servers can pick users’ information and scroll through everything.

Growing rapidly at 42.2 percent from 2020 to 2027, the technology giants continue to show uptrend and a wide variety of industries – from technology to manufacturing and finance, everyone is adapting AI extensively.

AI enables us to understand customers, interests, purchase behavior and appreciation.

Further, sellers will be able to know which products interest customers and their purchasing needs. 

Single Page apps

Did you know Facebook, Google maps and Gmail have been developed as single page apps? Giant companies ensured to save the time of the user by creating a single app of their website, so that the users do not have to waste time in scrolling.

Along with the page, features are also loaded in a single go.

Developers have been recommending to use this as they are unanimous.

How can artificial intelligence help us in our daily lives? 

The answer is, in many ways such as by weather forecast, speech recognition,  medical diagnosis, pattern recognition and in search engine optimization.

It is also predicted that in the many years to come, AI will continue to play a pivotal role in making business predictions, automation and in driverless vehicles. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

What’s the next biggest technology trend? It’s IoT. Internet of Things. This is a programming language that is capturing a lot of interest of researchers, scientists and professionals. IoT is one of the New trends in the year 2021 and used by some of the top web development company.

If you are planning to improve your technology skills, choose IoT to enable your career to start off as an IoT professional.

But here’s one of the most common questions that people ask?

How does it work and how does it link diverse devices?

TV remote or your door bells are connected via IoT and Internet and data exchange takes place. It is expected that over 41 million devices will be run by the Internet of Things by the year 2025.

Not only linking, but these are remotely accessed as well.

For example, you can close your car doors, preheat geysers and ovens remotely.

Isn’t it great to experience this kind of remote technology? Sure, it is beautiful.

All of this cycle takes place on Internet of Things chips embedded on a machine assisting businesses to analyze its performance and they get maintained with help.

Some of the top careers in IoT are:

  • Research developer
  • Software developer
  • Product Manager
  • System Design Engineer
  • Solution Architect


Another new trend is Blockchain and this is a foundation system for digital currency. 

If we have to understand Blockchain, it can be simply explained as electronic ledger.

This allows data transactions that cannot be tracked, changed or hacked.

Every bit of data including the timing of transactions is recorded and time-stamped.

Therefore, each time a new transaction takes place in the ledger, it saves in the chain of transactions.

This technology is extremely safe and transactions can be monitored.

As there are plenty of jobs coming up in Blockchain, some of important careers are:

  • Quality Engineer
  • Developers
  • Blockchain Engineer
  • Blockchain Legal Consultant or Attorney

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Trends for startups in 2021

New trends in the year 2021

Top web development company utilizes RPA for automating everyday tasks similar to Artificial Intelligence. Some of the recurring jobs handled by RPA are – responding to emails, handling business data and processing transactions.

RPA takes up nearly 40 percent of daily jobs to automate and over 60 percent of jobs can be partly automated with this technology.

However, there are also new careers emerging from this technology that include – UiPath, Pega Systems, Automation Anywhere and many other.

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Some of the top jobs in RPA are:

  • Business Analyst
  • Developer
  • Consultant
  • RPA Project Manager
  • RPA Solution Architect

Machine Learning

Known as subset of AI, Machine Learning is currently in use by many industries increasing the demand for professional employees.

According to Forrester, AI, Machine Learning and automation will generate nearly 9% of new employment in the U.S. by 2025, that includes Robot control experts, data scientists, automation specialists and content curators, making it a new technology development.

It is also stated that by 2025, AI market will be worth $190 billion with global spending on cognitive and AI systems up to $57 billion in 2021.

New jobs are likely to emerge from programming, testing, support and maintenance and these are spread across sectors.


These hottest web tech trends to adopt in 2021 are not only attractive for young millennials, but they offer excellent career drive and prospects to take your career forward over the long-term.

These are also in use by top web development company. Technology is always seen as one of the important areas where you see new trends are coming to improve the working and operations of business, management, marketing and advertising.

Following trends for startups in 2021, it helps you to not only set up your career in a progressive manner, but you also become a top notch technology professional in 2021.

Further helping startups and businesses with latest trends in technology also become much easier with AI, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and Blockchain, as they speed up the manual works to automation.

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