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How to Find More About Next Generation Best Web Development Company for Your Business Website?

Heard of Next Generation best web development? First let’s find out what it means – Next Generation of web development means – Web 2.0 services that includes blogs, tweets, RSS feeds, podcasts and live chat that are most commonly featured on all Web Development Company and considered  as most essential for creating rich and interactive experience that Internet users mostly prefer.

If a small business is seeking rich features in design from a web development company, it is certainly a big challenge in terms of cost and from the perspective of designing. Internet has proved to be a profitable source for many businesses with websites offering both static and dynamic websites enabling the sharing of information.  Now, Best web development company is using Web 2.0 tools and applications allowing a high level of interaction for users with the information getting transmitted via Internet.

Definition of Web 2.0 by Tim O’Reilly

“Web 2.0 is the business revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the Internet as a platform, and any attempt to understand the rules for success on that new platform.”

Key Features of Web 2.0

– It is an improved version of the first version of Worldwide web

– Changes its characteristics from static to dynamic or user-generated content adding to the growth of social media.

– It also brings in some of the rich web applications,  web-oriented architecture and social web.

– It brings many changes to the web pages and web designs used by the users without making any changes to technical specifications.

– Major features of Web 2.0 allows users to acquire, classify the dynamic information that gets exchanged between site owner and site user by way of evaluation,  comments and reviews.

– The use and impact of Web 2.0 – Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and Javascript are used as rich web technologies in delivering web 2.0 with an addition to Ajax, RSS and Eclipse.

These advanced features benefit web application development company in setting higher standards and also in enabling the use of tools in designing them.

Examples of Web 2.0 applications

Web 2.0 examples include –

– Hosted services such as Google Maps

– Web applications such as Google Docs, Flickr

– Video sharing sites like Youtube, wikis, Mediawiki

– Blogs like WordPress

– Social Networking like Facebook

– Microblogging such as Twitter

– Folksonomies like Delicious

– Podcasting (Podcast Alley) & content hosting and many more.

These rewarding examples enable web design company to market and promote client’s business by adding these features.

The implications of Web 2.0?

Web application development company brings web 2.0 services that includes blogs, podcasts,  live chat and RSS feeds which add excellent value creating rich user experience.  Specifically when the use of mobile devices by consumers and businesses are extensive, it has in fact enhanced the capabilities of users to access online tools.

Some of the implications encountered by web development company  in using Web 2.0 tools and applications is that many tricks can be used in deriving more information from the user that  can perhaps be used against them. However, Web 2.0 tools and applications brings even greater security than earlier applications.

Downloading malicious software or such other is also easily  done with Web 2.0 applications which is termed as hacking. Even hackers control the session management logic. This further allows them to manipulate the program to acquire access to the information.  These problems are difficult to deal with due to lack of in-house design resources and budget to outsource them.

Advantages of Next Generation

There are many advantages with Web 2.0 and they offer excellent features with long term benefits to both web company company USA and businesses. To make a note, the following are


– It can be accessed and available at any time and place

– There’s a variety of media

– Gives plenty of ease of usage

– Learners can actively participate in the knowledge building

– Enables to create dynamic learning communities

– Almost everyone can become the author, editor and the specific advantage is editing can be tracked.

– Most user-friendly

– Wiki updates are instant and it offers more sources for researchers

– Enables real-time discussion

Is there going to be Web 3.0 as well?

Yes, forecasters say that Web 3.0 will experience more established phase than Web 2.0. Referred as third generation of Internet-based services Web 3.0 is mostly referenced as semantic web as stated by John Merkoff who first named the term in 2006.  Comparatively web 2.0 is an intermediate phase.

The key enhanced benefits offered by Web 3.0:

– Allows online applications and websites to receive the present available information on the web and gives new information to the users.

Artificial Intelligence

– 3D graphics

– Sematic web

– Efficient searching capabilities

– Efficient web browsing

– Effective communication

– Increased information linking

– Changes in human interaction

Drawbacks of Web 3.0

We can state that the disadvantages over the advantages of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 are less and thereby affirming the fact that usability can be a preferred choice for your business from a web design company.

– Less advanced devices cannot handle Web 3.0

– Websites that are built on Web 1.0 will become obsolete

– The understanding process is much complicated for new users.


Web development company USA works with Next Generation Web 2.0 applications for effective and efficient means of increasing knowledge, sharing proven marketing strategies, and many other to make a bigger impact on your business.  The value results in the delivery of profitability into several areas that flows to customers, suppliers, partners and experts. Website development company contributes to the gains of achieving higher benefits. A webdesign company brings greater scope, building customer relations, improvement in communication with suppliers and external partners.

Many who have accessed web application development services also have been bestowed with significant benefits such as increased customer awareness, improved customer satisfaction and measurable increases in revenues.