4 Best Practices for Showcasing Products on Your Ecommerce Website in 2022

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4 Best Practices for Showcasing Products on Your Ecommerce Website in 2022

Why do you need to revamp e-commerce product pages in 2022

Showcase your eCommerce products on the website. How to do it well for best results? Did you know all of 2022, there’s going to be a lot of focus on UX.

User experience and customer experience is receiving a lot of emphases. Which is why from the point of your target audience. You are required to design your website.

Ecommerce website development

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How to optimize your eCommerce product pages

If you have already designed your website and looking to revamp your website for a better display of your products, how would you do it? Why is it so important to display your e-commerce products in a better fashion and it would benefit your business and products?

As more and more vendors get online, for the benefit of buyers to accommodate and facilitate products, online is everything and this means, your website, product display, content, shopping cart goes a long way in helping your business with online sales.

From web design to content and shopping cart, taking the viewpoint of users has become entirely important and in fact, going by the personas and arranging website elements as per the buyer’s browsing behaviour and psychology is very important.

How to showcase your products? It takes a thorough understanding of how your audience navigates on your website and how you can make it more interesting.

There are different methodologies and ways to increase eCommerce website traffic. One of the most popular ways is to go for content marketing, and this is already a proven method. Earning traffic by the organic method and paid method is possible in content marketing. 

1. Think images

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If you are looking for ways to increase eCommerce website traffic, an assured and promising way is to arrange product and other website images in a dynamic and interactive manner and it is going to make your product page more engaging and users will find it very appealing to see through static and standard images.

For example, take footwear brand. Users will be attracted to check the most appealingly arranged footwear designs on the website and will surely click and browse through more models.  Further, they would be interested to take purchase action as well. 

Providing them with a 360-degree view of the product helps users to click and zoom the image and if you are able to arrange a virtual try-on, it would be more helpful for users to try and check footwear to their size.

Providing a better understanding of website elements is very important that helps website visitors to check and make buying decisions. 

Working on images is worth working for as it pays off in the long run, especially for eCommerce businesses. 

2. How to optimize your eCommerce product images

Ecommerce development services

Do you want to try it before you buy? This is a very popular trend in e-commerce and if you consider buying a pair of spectacles online, Lenskart offers the feature of “try before you buy” feature wherein you can actually try virtually wearing the specs. Check and see whether the model suits you well.

This feature has brought a grand success to Lenskart and those who are comfortable with the virtual try-on have preferred online shopping at Lenskart to buy prescribed eyeglasses. 

This is a great convenience as well as you just from the comfort of your home or office, you are able to shop online, click and buy your spectacles.

3. Offer personalized product demos

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A 2021 consumer survey by Statista, indicated that 25% of online shoppers have returned clothing orders in the previous year.

Customers find it as a great difficulty to ship the returns and negative or unsatisfied experiences with the products. 

Such issues when to exist while selling products online, businesses have to be very cautious and careful when designing images to be displayed on the website. 

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Now it has become a practice to offer product demos by all SaaS sellers. These have become very limited in scope, unable to provide a whole view of the entire product. And what the business can offer with the product. 

Especially in the B2C space, where customers prefer personalization, personalised demos have a significant impact on the buying experience. 

It is very important to customise products with their features and replace generic text or images.

Because customers are impressed only when you offer personalised service enabling them to serve their needs. 

4. Try before you buy

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The success of trying before you buy has become an increasingly popular trend in eCommerce, and for good reason, many Ecommerce development services recommend adding this option on their website for better results on the go.

Further, this encourages many customers to opt for this feature and take the benefit. 

Ecommerce website development services prefer to share the option of “pay later” when customers complete the order.

This is a very safe way to encourage buyers to feel safe in their online shopping experiences.


Video for taking quick action is also one of the fast ways for customers to connect with your website. Short span videos between 10-15 seconds help nearly 73% of your website visitors to take action in purchasing products after watching a video. 

Especially Gen Z audience prefers to buy reputed and branded products that are in trend and fashion and videos help them in taking a view of unboxing, product check and demo and in many other aspects to make a purchase decision.

Therefore, how to optimize your eCommerce product pages is also one of the proficiencies of eCommerce website development where you will be able to enhance customer experiences in a better fashion.