Which Web Development Trends Will Dominate In 2021?

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Which Web Development Trends Will Dominate In 2021?

How do you perceive the term – web development?  Though it is used most often, at times, we tend to lose the exact purpose and meaning of web development which is why it is important to first take a review of the definition and meaning of web development before we read about the latest developments happening at best web development company.

Web development takes care of the work in developing a website that is hosted on the Internet or an Intranet. It ranges from a simple web page of plain text to a complex web-based development that brings in contact with web engineering, web design, web content, client-side and server-side, web server, network security, e-commerce and front-end and back-end development.

But according to web professionals, the term ‘web development’ refers to the main non-design aspects of building web sites and that is markup and coding. Further it may also make use of content management systems (CMS) to make content changes much easier and with the available basic technical skills.

On the development side, the trends are always getting upgraded with new technology systems and software keep being added and there’s always scope for experimenting and exploring new web systems that enhance the operation and functioning of websites.

The following are some of the new web development trends expected to arrive in 2021.

#1. SA – Serverless Architecture 

Web development company take the benefit of creating and launching applications without the requirement of managing the infrastructure. This conveys a fact that serverless applications take the support of server resources available in an organization. Serverless infrastructure can be put to use depending on the needs and thereby comes as a cost-effective web development trend.  Further it also reduces the risks of data loss and preventing system overload.

Some of the distinct features of SA are:

  • Automatic scaling
  • Actual use depending on costs
  • High availability
  • Stable access to web resources 

#2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As the most important web development trend, AI continues to be an attractive feature as a new technology and it is stimulating human behavior. 

The following technologies are part of AI:
(i) Chatbots

AI assist chatbots help customers with frequently asked questions which is why they are referred as customer service specialists.

  • Converse any time 
  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Already pre-trained in technology

(ii) Voice search and navigation

Voice search saves a lot of time in looking up via search bar. It helps with the benefits of – completing tasks quickly and ease of usability.

(iii) Deep learning and Neural Network

Deep learning and Neural Network enables a web application development company with technology assisted human brain activities in the areas of image recognition, speech identification and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

#3.Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

As one of the recent trends in web development as announced by Google long in the past, PWA continues to be in the trend and much relevant. It can be explained as a website interacting with a user as a mobile application – which is if a user opens it on a desktop browser, it comes as a  regular website, but when PWA is opened on a mobile browser,   it appears as a new version of a website and mobile application.

But, there are several key features we have to make a note of:

  • PWA gets installed on any device without the need of an App store and it can be downloaded directly from the website
  • Users can work with it and receive notifications in offline mode as well
  • Experience high speed of downloading
  • Send push-notifications

#4.Single Page Applications (SPA)

SPA is yet another top trend in web development which is  popular among Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter etcSPA is an application based JavaScript. It does not require page loading while transferring to a new page content.  This is convenient for developers and app users.  It can be used on various devices and works on high load speed with ease of  use.

#5.Push Notifications (PN)

Although PN( Push Notifications ) was launched a decade ago, it is still popular among web application development services.  This is a small notification that comes up in an application when a user has installed it on their browser. These notifications provide various information to users if they are not blocked and this is about updates, promotions etc., and can appear any time. Key features of this trend are – cost effective, time and frequency can be scheduled and it is multilingual.

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The web development trends are not only proving to be beneficial in website development,  but also in accessing the advanced and latest technology system functioning for day-to-day business operations.