10 Ways To Improve The User Experience (UX) your E-Commerce Website

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10 Ways To Improve The User Experience (UX) Your E-Commerce Website

As the projected global ecommerce sales for 2020 predicted to be at $3.9 trillion, with the U.S. in the lead position, top ten countries ecommerce sales (in Billion)  – China ($656.3), U.S.($500.47), United Kingdom ($83.3), Japan ($78.64), Germany ($68.01), South Korea ($62.69), France ($45.54), India ($29.47), Canada ($28.63), Australia ($19.33). Due to steep demand and growth in online shopping, ecommerce website development services are also being opted by small business owners to connect with their target audience easily online. Further data indicates that online shoppers are widely interested in the categories of – fashion, beauty, consumer electronics, groceries, travel, packaged goods, books/music/stationery and fresh groceries.

Another data authority source says – While using smartphones,  7 in 10 consumers prefer to use mobile websites over mobile applications across devices. While 67% prefer mobile websites, only 33% prefer mobile applications.  Preferred platform when using tablet – 71% prefer websites and 29% would like to shop on application. 

Interesting facts such as the above are plenty to reiterate the fact that Magento ecommerce development and custom ecommerce development services are rapidly growing for the convenience of B2B and B2C businesses. 

However, UCD (User Centered Design)  and UI (User Experience) have a pivotal role to play in the design of ecommerce websites. As an ecommerce website development company, you need strategies to configure a UX-based ecommerce site and there are many key aspects encircled around it.

Let’s find out more about ecommerce strategies:

1. Navigation & search capability

Ecommerce website development requires effective navigation steps and user-friendly search capability UX for consumers to be able to easily find what they are looking for. From the time they land and exit from the ecommerce site, every event or interaction with the website has to have a technical and analytical background, to enable both backend and frontend activities are synchronized conveying the purpose, needs and objectives of consumers’ visit to the website.

2. Photographs and Images

High quality photographs and images bring an excellent appeal and visual effects inviting the interest of the audience increasing the scope of  high retention rate. Showing thumbnails on the page enables quick buying decisions, so that buyers can follow the image for completing the buying and checkout process.

3. Unique content 

The accommodation of consistent and unique content has its own significance in delivering results. Audience often spend time in reading product descriptions, blogs, reviews, questions, surveys and everything that is mostly related to their shopping products. Because they wish to make accurate buying decisions and do not withdraw in spending more time on reading content. Ecommerce website development Services assigns a distinct relevance to content development. 

4. Home Page Design 

Personalize the Home Page – Being the first ever page that a consumer visits, UX design has to be exceedingly good keeping in view of the interests of visitors. 

5. Optimized Shopping cart and checkout

Optimize Shopping cart and Checkout – Making the process of adding to shopping cart and checkout a great convenience is the best part of Magento ecommerce development and Ecommerce development services. Those with this specialized set of technical skills can certainly deliver the best User Experience. 

6. Social media strategy

Setting up Social Media Strategy is yet another essential aspect that requires UX application.  Adding social media icons in  Ecommerce website development or choosing an advertising campaign, UX does it all to help personas and target audiences to set up various social media strategies for long-term benefits. 

7. Landing page design

Landing page design by Ecommerce development company has a great emphasis for conversions, traffic, clicks, and in helping buyers with the buying behavior and cycle. This is a very crucial element, landing page design includes UX components such as buyer personas, demographics etc., 

8. Advertising strategies 

Advertising Strategies – Facebook ads or Google ads – advertising strategies comes up with three basic questions and these are – how much of budget is required? Expected volume of visitors and advertisement outlet. 

9. User generated content 

User-generated content – What does your audience say and how do they respond to your UX Ecommerce development services.

10. Personalized experiences

Does Ecommerce development company deliver personalized experiences? This is an essential area where the success of your UX design comes into effect. 

Such as these strategies can be built innovatively with the implementation of UX in Ecommerce development services