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Your ecommerce business is just about to accelerate with your visit to Equinox IT SOL. We are pioneers and ecommerce preneurs having engineered expertise in ecommerce web development services.

As of the first quarter of 2020, the global population is 7.8 Billion and approximately 4.54 Billion (59%) are active users of Internet. China, India and the United States are leading in the usage of Internet.

NASDAQ report says that 95% of purchases will made online by 2040 and currently 36% of small businesses do not have a website.

By the year 2022, ecommerce sales are estimated to be at 6.54 Billion USD.

Equinox IT SOL brings a multi-tier of Ecommerce web development services that encapsulates flat and leveled UX and CX experience for the purposes of Internet sales.

We speedup online retail sales with our professional and technical-acumen as Ecommerce development company and ensure that your business operates in ecommerce mode.

What we offer ?

  • Safe and secure encryption technology
  • Uninterrupted Internet purchases
  • Build robust ecommerce websites and stores online
  • Classify and categorize your business to formulate ecommerce features, configuration and shopping cart.
  • User-friendly, customizable, frontend and backend website accessibility
  • Advanced payment gateways
  • Wide range of Ecommerce platforms that cater to the needs of your business And much more functionalities that enable you to conduct your business online with consistent performance that you can monitor, supervise, track sales payments and larger scope for marketability.

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Pick Ecommerce Platform

Equinox offers Ecommerce website development services in -
  • Wordpress offers high-end and unlimited scalability, stability and globally acclaimed to be a resourceful platform for building ecommerce websites. Security is one of the advantages of the platform and it can even be enhanced with the right tools.
  • Joomla brings Open Source Infrastructure, flexibility, Ecommerce, built-in SEO functions and ease of design.
  • Magento offers a whole new range of advantages consisting of - mobile-friendly, Third-party integrations, customizable security permissions, built-in upsells and cross-sells, features of advanced SEO features, versatile content management and powerfully spacious.

Your business is likely to a bigger view by virtue of accessing muscular-model platform.


The fast and ever speed Drupal is simple and Open Source CMS tool is popular in 200 countries. Available in 182 languages, we can build you a complex websites for better scalability, serve the API, largely supportive and start with Blank Slate.

Giving plenty of scope for creativity and resources, you will also find built-in caching and rich source of modules.

The security protection layer is very high.

Your business will surely get a good start with Drupal.

Woo Commerce

As a plugin for WordPress,creating and managing an online store is easy and simple with multifold features of flexibility such as inventory, tax management, secure payments, shipping and integration.


Exceptionally performing, Java offers reliability, agility, stability and a whole new range of ecommerce store.

Its enhanced UX helps a user navigate through the website easily for buying actions. Additionally, the feature of customization enables you to append/delete dashboard sets and subsets.


While the CMS platform is.much easier to administer for you, it is also useful to your customers as the platform is more secure. Further there's less downtime, so customers do not bounce back and forth

This is also a secured platform.


An open source under LGPL license, Hibernate considered to be a lightweight platform with high performance. The top benefit from the platform is that it is database independent.

Key Features and Benefits

Our modus operandi comes with years of experience as ecommerce web development company. We contribute to the success of your business in a unique stature with ecommerce development services in strengthening online establishment and scaling it to a new level of business.

Creating a new wave of digital commerce experience, Equinox is an Ecommerce development company ideally chosen by SMEs and large supply chain enterprises.

Our support and service extends during the entire timeframe of buyers journey that we fix troubleshooting if any, arises during the stage of ecommerce site construction or at a later phase.

We share a responsibility to your better performance of business in 360 degree view.

Our technical support staff and customer service CMS team are available 24/7 along with chatbot to readily resolve your queries.

Categories of Ecommerce Business

The process begins with classification and categorization of your ecommerce store requirements. Basing on the buy and sell goals, we help you to choose a suitable CMS platform.

Further segment your audience, demographics, geographic locations and SEO features by ensuring the model and category of your business which can be enlisted as -
  • Business-2-Consumer (B2C)
  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)
  • Government-to-Business (G2C)
  • Business-to-Government (B2G)

Why Choose Us ?

With online shopping trends skyrocketing with socio-cultural, geo-political and natural causes, it is predicted that online shopping will continue to gain popularity as an active online trend.

We have ventured into ecommerce web development services in the year 2009 and since then we have designed scores of ecommerce websites and our clients continue to excel in small business sector.

Alongside ecommerce websites, we also build ecommerce applications that elevate, leverage and expand to reach consumers.

Credited with much success, we work with a vision and mission to add new customers, rapidly promote, provide fast and quick accessibility, interact and engage with your consumers and completely transform your business into an online enterprise.

Further the advantages of ecommerce over traditional retail also include - lower costs, easily locating the product, eliminate the travel time, get a product review and comparative view of shopping, enjoy the offer of free gifts, coupons, discounts and other benefits, find huge information about products before buying, get a response from sellers and much more. Nearly 40% of ecommerce purchases are made on mobile by 79% of smartphone users in the U.S. and around 10 billion mobile connected devices are currently in use globally.

With our ecommerce development services, your business is visible and searchable online.

Features Supported by our E commerce Product

For the end user

  • Registration: Login, Forgot Password
  • Manage Account: Update Personal Details, Change Password, View Orders
  • Catalogue: Navigate across different categories and products
  • Search: Search based on Category/Product/Brand
  • Products: View product list, product description
  • Reviews: View/Provide product reviews with comments
  • Cart: Manage cart by adding/updating/deleting products
  • Advertisements: Managing list of top brands in the market
  • Recent Bought Products: Show list of recently bought products
  • Recommended Products: Show list of recommended products
  • GUI: Customizable Dashboard
  • Payment Gateway: Integration with 3rd party gateway
  • Today's Deals/Deal Of The Day: List all the available deals on the current/specified date
  • Manage Portfolio: Add/Update/Delete Products and Services to/from their portfolio
  • Manage Orders: List/View orders
  • Buy/Sell: Online Buying and Selling of products across any category

For Admin View

  • Manage Catalogue: Add/Update/Delete catalogue dynamically
  • Manage Filters: Add/Update filters dynamically
  • Manage Orders: View order details
  • Manage Deals: Add/Update/Delete deals
  • Discount Management: Add/Update/Delete discounts on products
  • Vendor Management: Add/Approve/Update/Delete vendor registrations, product, portfolio approvals
  • Products Management: Add/Update/Delete products dynamically
  • Category Management: Add/Update/Delete sub-category images in the dashboard
  • History Management: Manage list of deals added in the history
  • Post A Requirement: Manage list of new requirements posted from Users/Vendors
  • Testimonials: Manage approval of testimonials submitted by Users/Vendors
  • Deal Of The Day: Manage deals
  • Advertisements and Brands: Manage advertisements/brands to be listed in the Dashboard
  • Reports: Generate reports across multiple vendors/products for calculating revenues

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