What is B2B ecommerce and why is it so important?

What is B2B ecommerce and why is it so important

Why B2B eCommerce is so important, What is it exactly?

B2B eCommerce is all about business-to-business selling its products online with the convenience of buying options. Some good examples of B2B eCommerce are Amazon.com and Alibaba.com.

To explain further, wholesalers and retailers, and even micro-business partners, make purchases from Amazon and Alibaba. That is, businesses are selling to other businesses.

This benefits the growth and expansion of every business, creating a lot of demand, growth, promotion, marketing, and much more, which is why B2B eCommerce has gained a lot of prominence.

However, it is quite notifying, that with the emergence of Internet technology, b2b e-commerce platform has offered plenty of business opportunities to both micro and macro businesses. 

Bringing a lot of benefits, small to large enterprises, have received a huge potential to do their business safely and securely online with the medium of B2B eCommerce.

From small vendors to wholesale manufacturing units are finding online buying and selling as a convenient source with additional benefits of cost-effective and highly efficient marketing channels to advertise, promote and sell.

Even during the period of the pandemic, where selling outlets had to shut down and at that point of time, the Internet brought b2b eCommerce solutions.

The Importance of B2B eCommerce

From placing an order to the receipt of goods, B2B business does it all to enable buyers to receive the goods safely and securely.

This has proved to be an effective way to retain and manage the business. 

Understanding the needs of customers, developing data-driven solutions, and following the customer behavior and buying psychology are also some of the best features of a B2B business.

Especially artificial intelligence and algorithms help find a suitable product at the right time.

List of Top B2B  eCommerce Companies:

  • Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the leading B2B companies. It is an integrated CRM platform that offers marketing, sales, commerce, and service to customers.

Salesforce helps businesses to work in an organized manner and to move forward.

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a great example of B2B ecommerce. It not only schedules your content, but it also helps you to do more with your social media.

such as in analyzing and monitoring. It makes your social media content much easier to actively improve your social presence 24/7.

You can track your performance, share meaningful insights and even generate reports and create campaign content.

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For example, when B2B e-business needs marketing strategies, Hootsuite came up as the top Social Media Management System. Hootsuite offers a dependable solution that meets the social media needs of large and small B2B companies.

  • LinkedIn

Known as one of the biggest B2B eCommerce company, LinkedIn allows you to meet other professionals and even connects similar business professionals.

  • Buffer

Buffer is a great tool for your social media account. It can manage all your social media networks to schedule posts.

It saves a lot of your time.

  • Danish Water Technology
Danish Water Technology
  • Acme
  • Fire Rock
  • Blake Envelopes
Blake Envelopes

What is the benefit of B2B?

Benefits are huge with B2B and this is most crucial for the success of every business.  These are from everyday business management to the inventory management, B2B eCommerce

Offers excellent customer-centric services. From the point of placing an order to the point of delivery, you are able to track and manage every type of order.

After processing an order, providing good customer care is also very important.

When customer care is poor, it is likely that business reputation is damaged and has an adverse impact on your business. 

b2b ecommerce solutions come absolutely handy in managing your business.  Some of the popular and best B2B ecommerce platforms are:

  • Shopify Plus
Shopify Plus
  • Big Commerce
Big Commerce
  • Oracle Suite Commerce
Oracle Suite Commerce
  • Woo Commerce B2B
WooCommerce B2B
  • CS Cart
CS Cart
  • Open-Cart
  • Magneto e-commerce for B2B
Magneto ecommerce for B2B
  • Prestashop
  • Pulse commerce
Pulse commerce
  • Nuorder
  • Trade Gecko
  • 3d Cart
3d Cart
  • Insite Commerce
Insite Commerce
  • Netalogue
Netalogue-ecommerce Solutions for B2B

Why is a B2B marketing dashboard important for a B2B e-commerce company?

Did you know even though Covid-19 was a great hindrance for B2B companies, with the help of eCommerce and marketing online, businesses were able to do well and continue to do good business?

In fact, new digital innovations and trends emerged as Covid-19 made the business’s performance much harder.

With the electronic management of businesses and customer experience during the purchase process, new trends have shaped the future.

Online research is very important for buying decisions and it is stated that B2B buyers nearly make 12 or more online searches before making a final decision to make a purchase. 

B2B marketing consists of not only search engine optimization but also AI expertise, SMM, SEM, and advertising to win customers.

In this process, advanced technologies like AI and machine learning support data-led understanding of the customer’s needs and improve their experience. 

What is the difference between B2B and B2C e-commerce?

While both B2B and B2C have to have excellent, seamless and user-friendly experience, there are few differences to make a note of.

B2B is Business-to-Business : The best example for B2B is Alibaba.com and Amazon.com. They sell to small business owners, retailers, agents, and others.

B2C is Business-to-Customer: Some of the popular chains of B2C business examples are – Alibaba.com, Amazon’s own products, Walmart, Facebook, and many others. 

There are many types of B2B and B2C businesses. An example of service-based B2C business can be – a lawn mowing business or a electrical repairs and fittings business.

To do any type of business – either B2B or B2C, you need  ecommerce website design and development that puts you through to reach your target audience.

Some of the main features and essentials to doing your B2B or B2C are to have the following:

  • Have an attractive and well-featured website for your target audience to easily navigate.
  • Provide and create a lot of convenience for understanding your website content to understand the services you provide.
  • Choose a professional ecommerce website development service for securely managing lead generation, content marketing, and advertising online.
  • Choose search engine optimization services.
  • Choose a user-friendly ecommerce store development
  • Provide device compatibility for your website.
  • Offer plenty of customer support via chat and phone

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