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Title Information Security Analyst
Posting Date: 08/07/2018
Location: Multiple Locations
Job Type Full Time

Job Description:

• Design, Coding, debugging and testing programs using Java. The ability to think analytically and arrive at creative solutions, with a good understanding of the mathematical and physical aspects governing the data tracking and control.
• Actively involved in day to day real-time monitoring and review the security events from multiple sources. Provide emergency support as and when required defined by standards of operating procedures. Utilizing the knowledge of Java to perform specialized development of Software codes for User-friendly data input screens
• Act as first responder for any security incident and troubleshoot security access issues with in host, internet, email and network, escalate the problems to systems engineer that cannot be resolved.
• Conduct studies pertaining to development of new information systems to meet current and projected needs. Understanding to differentiate between false and suppress alerts associated with security technologies using surety metrics.
• Identify intelligence gaps and shortfalls. Objectives, etc. as related to designated cyber operations warning problem sets. Use multiple mythology and tactics to identify at very first point.
• Monitor open source websites for hostile content directed towards organizational or partner interests. Monitor and report on validated threat activities to identify solutions. Produce timely indications and warnings intelligence products (e.g., threat assessments, briefings, intelligence studies)
• Initiate regular self-audit, internal audit, external audit reviews, and risk assessments for the department and for end user. Work with management to provide remedies to eliminate any audit findings. Conduct gap analysis, evidence collection and write responses.
• Conduct digital forensic analysis through email forensics, registry analysis, user forensic analysis, artifact analysis, log analysis, timeline analysis, file system analysis, malware analysis. Work as a backup resource for security for various security platforms, developing security architecture to support those technologies.
• Knowledge of frame work, fire wall, attach scenario, techniques and counter measures. Works with state and national regulatory requirements. Compliance in meeting legal and business requirements. Apply cyber security and network security engineering to support and protect data.

Required Skills:  Bachelor's degree in Computer Science,Software Engineering or related fields.