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Equinox IT Solutions LLC are offered as a seamless extension to your in-house IT and business testing capabilities. We work closely with you to tailor a program of support which meets your needs and ensures your systems achieve the quality levels demanded by your customers.Our services range from augmenting your in-house skills through to outsourcing the entire Quality Assurance (QA) function to our Offsite Test Labs.We complement your in-house IT functions, recognizing gaps and providing a dynamic and agile response to the demanding challenges of delivering new business systems.

Internship Program: Recruiting and Managing Interns

  • We aim at final year graduates with Computer Science.
  • Interns are selected through campus selections as well as references.
  • Interns selection criteria includes a commitment or desire by the Interns to follow a career in the Information Technology field.
  • We employ them as Trainees.
  • 6 Weeks Training on Software Testing.
  • Assessments are part of training for filtering the candidates to acquire the best skills.
  • Our preferred candidates are from a PDI background who needs empowerment and upliftment.

Transformation Approach

Initiate Drive Efficiency Operational Stabilization
  • Matured Automation
  • Increase Automation Coverage with diversified tools
  • Release specific functional automation
  • Implementation of robust non-functional test processes (Performance and Security)
  • Performance Testing and Tuning
  • Industry standard Security Practices for vulnerability, configuration and asset management
  • End-to-End Integrated Automation Framework
  • Stabilized Performance an Security Tests
  • Establish Continuous Delivery platform
  • Integrate CI platform with existing automation suite
  • Combine shift left and shift right approach
  • Integrate with the performance engineering
  • Implement Service Virtualization, as required
  • CI/CD Framework
  • Enabling/streamlining the Data engineering
  • Data batch processing and Real-time processing
  • Continuous Monitoring for high-performance applications
  • Quality Engineering dashboard to quantify the applications under test
  • Analytics engines for continuous monitoring
  • Comprehensive operational insights

Continuous Automation through Devops


Services Overview

  • Functional
  • Regression
  • Integration
  • Performance
  • DevOps
  • Digital Assurance
  • IoT
  • Mobile Testing Overview
  • Security Testing Overview
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management

Testing Services


Functional Testing Overview


Regression Testing


Automation Framework Architecture


Integration Testing Overview


IoT Testing


The Digital Assurance Platform


Mobile Testing


Security Testing CoE


NPT – Network Penetration Testing


Banking TCoE


ERP Testing


Representative Automated Report Dashboards



Representative Dashboards