Products Development

Leading the game in the competition is what every business wants but the economic environment of today’s is very contradictory and hazardous. So, one has to focus on several core aspects. Any product which a business develops must not be constrained to a certain business issue rather it should be effective enough to meet various market needs.

In the recent years, the businesses have seen a tremendous change in the needs of consumers. This has impacted the ways businesses used to run. So, developing a product for the consumers to fit the best in their business has gained significance.

Every business wants to run seamlessly and reach its customer faster than ever before. By enhancing the technological knowledge with the detailed analysis of the market needs for a business, Equinox has worked on to build such products which are customer-centric, innovative and cater to the needs of different consumers as well as businesses.

There is no reset option for the businesses to go parallel to the market transformations whenever it happens. With our focus on letting the businesses leverage their existing methods but in an innovative manner, we have built next generation work force to make the day to day life easy for humans as well as organizations.

E&E Access Point

We have come up with our own products to deliver a cutting edge platform to revolutionizing the hiring process and empower HR for rest of the work phase. We are committed towards bringing our clients the world class HRMS software to smoothen their business workflow.


We have developed an E commerce platform for the people who are looking to buy materials for constructing a building. Our Ecommerce platform exclusively aims manage all the aspects of the product cataloging and order fulfilment.