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'Plan Less and Practice More'

Equinox Online Case Management Software helps you make your practice smoother by being your daily case board and keeping all your records at just a click away. With management software, you can maximize efficiency and can drastically enhance your workflow without getting buried under the stack of files.

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Multiple Users

No restriction on users, so that multiple users can access the application and update their cases simultaneously.

Daily Case Board

Run your daily operations smoothly by tracking the case details of the entire day on a routine basis.

Case Management

Manage all the essential details of the case, such as case description, case number, courts statements, case history, judge and a lot more saved at just a click away.

Client Management

Organize all your client contact details, phone numbers, photographs, email, and other information to make accessing clients handy and effortless.

Account Management

Keep the account in balance through keeping track of your recent income-expenditure with reconciliation tools.


Standardize your day-to-day appointments, to remind you of meeting with your clients and make your workday smoother.

Task Management

Automate your workflow to streamline your practice by managing, tracking, and scheduling your tasks and responsibilities while improving productivity across your law firm.

Data Security

Need not to worry about the security of data as the storage and transmission of the data both are in the encrypted format.

Cloud Storage

Don't agonize about losing your relevant data as you can backup and restore your data from the cloud and apart from it with cloud management; you can access data from any part of the world.

Services that Enable Customer Success

Consultancy Services
Award-winning consultancy service that helps manage, streamline and promote sustainable legal practices.
Implementation Service
We do not limit ourselves to consultation but also extend our service to implementation through features for case management, contact management, scheduling, task management, bill tracking, among many others.
Support Services
Provides 360° Support to the law firms and legal practitioners to run their business affairs smoothly.