IT Services and Solutions

The technology has evolved so quickly that every now and then there is a need of alternatives to traditional frameworks and the answer to this is the agile methodology. Agile has gained strong attention among IT and every business wants to adopt it. However, the companies generally face the issues like where to start or they find that agile is too expensive and some even face failure in implementing agile.

Equinox IT Solutions LLC has been serving its clients in cost effective manner with its expertise in Agile Methodologies for a wide range of years. Under the umbrella of our expertise fall our certified scrum masters who are well acquainted with automated testing for agile environments and are capable to leverage their knowledge and effective tools for product backlogging, sprints etc. The team possess the robust knowledge base for strategically implementing continuous integration and DevOps.

With our dedicated attention and commitment to offer the best services to our clients, we come up with the required customized solution for their business.

Now the scenario is that accomplishing the desired and outstanding outcome is completely dependent on how well your business performs in the market and is having a competitive edge. For fulfilling such needs, businesses now have full time IT team and which is definitely not a bad choice but working in flexibility under cost effective methods with enhanced productivity is the need of the hour; and which is not always possible with full time employees. To meet such targets, the IT solutions provider company like Equinox IT Solutions LLC can help businesses get the maximum benefits without spending much from their pockets.

Equinox IT Solutions LLC is an IT solution providing company which is based in USA and specializes in various services like web development services, web design services, android app development services, iOS app development services, automation testing. With our customized solutions, we add strategic value to the businesses of our clients.

We are open to offer Onsite, Offsite and Offshore services to deliver our dedicated services for our valued clients.

Onsite services of ours are highly dedicated to provide our business clients with the right mix of talented testing team which can immediately come into effect after knowing the requirements of the client by visiting their business premises.

Offsite services that we offer are highly flexible and convenient services to our clients. We work remotely for our clients to provide instant support with keeping their business privacy confidential as the team will not be visiting the business premises.

Offshore services by Equinox IT Solutions LLC are dedicated to bear all the risks of businesses’ IT needs and deliver them the best and a robust IT solution. We extend our services to reach our global customers and assure to prove our expertise in the services.

With our effective services, we give multiple benefits to our clients:

  • Joining hands with Equinox IT Solutions LLC, businesses can set their internal staff free to work hard on revenue generating opportunities. Thus, it enables businesses to focus on their core businesses.
  • It is not possible for business to have all the required tools available at every step of their work. So, for this they either need to buy a new tool and on the spot purchasing it can be too expensive for a business. Moreover, there is no surety that the tool which a business purchases for a specific project will be of any use in future or not. Hence, it will be a mere wastage of money. So, shifting your burden on the shoulders of companies like ours, you can actually save your money.
  • The rapidly changing technology is demanding immediate reactions. So to keep up the pace with it, is becoming hard for businesses with regards to the talent and professionals. For small businesses, it can be too expensive to afford high talents and if medium and big businesses have such talents, they come with their own limitations with respect to skills, approaches and thought avenues etc. Professional It Solution provider like Equinox It Solutions LLC offers the exclusive IT specialists team to deliver cross sectional IT knowledge to support all type of businesses.

We are your 24*7 service partners. Partner with Equinox IT Solutions LLC and you are set to see your business growing beyond limits.