UI/UX Development

UX UI Development

In today’s competitive world, User Interface (UI) and User experience (UX) has become of utmost importance for any business. It is because if it does not satisfy the end user then the business will be losing its customer and that will create havoc for them. UI and UX design are crucial as these increase user satisfaction and ultimately conversions. This paves the way for the business to grow.

Equinox IT Solutions LLC provides the full set of UI and UX design services to create such an experience for the end users that they visit our clients’ website and app regularly and do not jump to any competitor. We leverage highly experienced UI and UX designers who are well versed with the essential tools like Adobe Illustrator, iOS interface builder, Sketch, HTML5 and many more.

We have offered our UI and UX services to many renowned MNCs which include Cognizant, ValueLabs, Microsoft, Global IQ and many more. Our end to end UI and UX Design services flow like:

User Research

User Research is the initiation of our UI and UX services. Studying the end user behaviour gives a better insight about the business opportunities. Doing end user research lets the businesses know their gaps and improvise their methods and techniques which create hindrance in providing better end user experience. So we can say with end user research the businesses are able to:

  • Locate the unexplored markets for business expansions.
  • their end user services to offer seamless experience.
  • Justify the end user behaviour and provide them with the best of what they can.

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Wireframes and Prototyping

Now once the end user research is conducted, we prepare the architecture for the services to move the UI and UX design process in a smooth way. Once it is prepared, we plan on how the website should look like. Thus, we prepare a prototype or can say wireframes, which enables an idea to transform into a proof of concept.

User Testing

User Testing is done to evaluate the interest of the end users that is we will select the user profile on whom we would test the website or mobile app. They will share their end user experience after using the application. Thus, we get an insight into where we stand and where improvements are required. We use our exclusive tools to test the conversion as well as user experience.

Design Look and Feel

Visual design of the website and the mobile app is equally crucial to offer seamless end user experience. The color, font size, style, images, navigation ease, animation etc are the essential features for the website and mobile app to retain the end users and convert them into customers. Our designer team provides a unique appearance to the under development website or mobile app to ensure that it does not hinder the end user experience.

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