E&E Access Point Services

Now is the time where every second is crucial for every business to generate the value and efficiency with reduced the cost. To expedite the business growth and benefit its bottom line, having a proper human resources management system is significant. We, at EquinoxIT Sol, bring you the best solution to meet your all HR related needs and that solution is our HRMS product: E&E Access Point.

Why should businesses choose EquinoxIT Sol as their partner for HRMS software?

Generally, a human resources department works in the direction of tracking and maintaining the histories, skills, abilities, salaries and accomplishments of the employees of the business. Doing it manually is effort taking and time consuming.

With its deep industry and functional knowledge, EquinoxIT Sol is committed to bring the world class Human Resource Management System to your table.

EquinoxIT Sol offers the one stop solution to all your HR management related as well as Application Tracking System related problems with its unique product: E&E Access Point. Our product will enable the employee as well as the employer to access the database and keep a track of their details in a disciplined manner.

Our Application Tracking System(ATS) is an automated way to enable you to process job applications and manage the hiring process or even recruitment process. Screening the candidates, applicant testing, scheduling interviews, managing the hiring process, checking references and completing new hire paper work is tedious task but with ATS, it can be simplified. It saves the time as well as money as the information from applicants is uploaded in a database.

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The objectives of our E&E Access Point are:

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  • Recruitment Management: Hiring process is the most critical one among all HR processes. Maintaining the records on paper is very difficult. Our HRMS product is a comprehensive web based module to enable ease in the hiring process by systematically organizing the entire recruitment process.
  • Employee Self Service: This is one of the most growing demands of every business to enable the employees’ access to view or update their own information without having to interrupt HR every now and then to do so for them. It helps employee to gain more clarity on their data including taxes, benefits, payroll information etc.
  • Leave Management System: With leave management system in HRMS, you can personalize your leave categories and can organize complex leave strategies for your business in multiple locations.
  • Time Management System: HRMS Time management system makes the timesheets simpler and easy to use for the employees to fill them as well as for HR to keep a track of attendance. It also integrates with payroll system for a seamless pay process.

What benefits will a business get from our HRMS product?

Our HRMS comes with plenty of benefits for an organization from enhanced efficiency of human resources department to depleting the inter office pressures. Below are the benefits of implementing HRMS:

  •  Fast payroll processing
  •  Time and energy saving
  •  Efficient administration
  •  Improved Communication
  •  Cost effective methodology
  •  Streamlining the procedures
  •  Reduced redundant data entry
  •  Improved access to information
  •  Flexible and easy to understand
  •  Better profit and business growth
  •  Data Analysis and Quick Decisions
  •  Less manual efforts for managing HR functions
  •  Automate daily workflow across the organization

HR software if implemented in a company, it can take over lot of manual works with its efficiency and effectiveness. With immense benefits which HRMS offers to a business makes it compulsory for the businesses to adopt it.

Increase employee productivity with our HRMS product that is E&E ACCESS POINTimplementation and let your HR and managers devote their time in looking into other important administrative functions of the organization.